2021 Purchase Guide For Eyebrow Pencil, Eyebrow Powder, Eyebrow Dye Cream

November 27,2021

There are three types of eyebrow drawing tools: eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder and eyebrow dye cream. Many novices can't tell the difference between them. How should we choose? Let's analyze their advantages and disadvantages and suitable people.


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Eyebrow dye cream


The appearance is similar to mascara. The dyed products are pasted in a paste and colored with a spiral brush head. First brush against the eyebrow growth direction, and then brush back the eyebrow dye cream in the opposite direction, which will be more natural and the dyeing effect will be more uniform.


Advantages: long lasting makeup, easy coloring, three-dimensional plastic makeup, clear roots, good waterproof and sweat proof effect.


Disadvantages: difficult to remove makeup, difficult to outline eyebrow shape, difficult to control, not suitable for beginners, uneven application and easy to agglomerate (it is recommended to apply a small amount for many times).


Suitable type: it is more suitable for girls with dyed hair to coordinate hair color and eyebrow color.


Note: girls with sparse eyebrows can be used together with eyebrow pencil for better effect.


Eyebrow pencil


According to the shape, eyebrow pencils can be divided into solid eyebrow pencils and liquid eyebrow pencils.


  • Solid eyebrow pencil---Pencil type


This type of eyebrow pencil looks like a pencil and is the most original shape of eyebrow pencil. The pencil head uses a pencil sharpener to control the size or thickness. The eyebrow pencil is easy to color. When using it, we must control the strength, and the painting along the direction of eyebrow growth will be more natural.


Advantages: the size and thickness of the pencil head can be controlled, and the control is flexible.


Disadvantages: there is a problem of sharpening the pencil, which is not easy to carry; The skills are not in place, and the painted eyebrows are easy to be stiff and unnatural.


Suitable type: suitable for beginners and outline eyebrows.


  • Solid eyebrow pencil --- push tube type


The eyebrow pencil is improved on the basis of pencil type, and the refill can be pushed out in a rotating way.


Advantages: the refill is soft and easy to color, which is convenient to control the direction of eyebrow shape.


Disadvantages: the refill is soft and easy to break; Eyebrow pencil contains wax, which is easy to take off makeup and dizzy makeup under high temperature.


Suitable type: lazy people, people with sparse eyebrows.


  • Liquid eyebrow pencil


This kind of eyebrow pencil is similar to the eye liner pen, which can depict the distinct eyebrows.


Advantages: high durability and realistic description.


Disadvantages: it's not easy to remove makeup. You need to master skills.


Suitable type: pursue exquisite makeup and clear eyebrows.


Eyebrow powder


The eyebrow filling product with powdery texture uses an eyebrow brush to color the eyebrows. It is generally used together to fill the vacancy. The use of eyebrow powder should abide by the principle of small amount and many times, and the eyebrow color should be light; Because the density of eyebrows is different, they can also be mixed and used according to different depths, so it is generally recommended to buy two-color or three-color eyebrow powder.


Advantages: the mist texture makes the makeup effect natural and soft, durable and versatile.


Disadvantages: it is difficult to shape the contour and control the dosage.


Suitable type: pursuing natural effects; The eyebrow shape is complete, only need to coordinate the coloring slightly or create soft fog makeup eyebrows.


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