5 Effective Ingredients In Growth Eyelash Serum

November 27,2021

Eyelash growth serum private label factory supplier

Longer and fuller eyelash can make your eyes look larger and more beautiful. Almost all of brands announced that their growth eyelash serum can boost the growth of your eyelash. It will be a big challenge to pick one which can definitely work on your eyelash. And that’s why we want to show you the following 5 effective ingredients in eyelash serum.


Eyelash growth serum private label factory supplier




Peptide refers to chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of protein in the skin. It also is a kind of ingredient which can be commonly found in the list ingredient of anti-aging skin care products. It can trigger the production of collagen, a substance which help in getting rid of wrinkles.


Researchers found that it can help the growth of eyelash as well. That’s why it was added into more and more eyelash serum products.


How Do Peptides Help Your Lashes Grow?


Since peptides are made of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, the growth of eyelash need nutrient including proteins. So peptides can supply the indispensable raw materials for your eyelash.


Vitamin E


Vitamin E is well known for its natural antioxidants which can accelerate eyelash and hair growth, mainly by helping to prevent eyelash from falling off before it should.


How Does Vitamin E Help Your Lashes Grow?


Vitamin E is a lipid solubility vitamin, well known for its antioxidant effect. It can prevent the deposition of lipofuscin and remove oxygen free radicals in the body, so as to extend the life of skin cells and anti-aging. Therefore it could extend the life of hair follicle.




Studies have shown that biotin has a positive effect on eyelash and hair growth. By providing your lashes with biotin you're supplying your hair with key nutrients it needs to grow.


How Does Biotin Give You Fuller Lashes?


Keratin is an important component consisting of both hair and eyelash. And biotin is a kind of substance helping the growth of hair and eyelash. It also found that biotin can make your eyelash and hair stronger so they won’t be falling off easily.


Vitamin B5


Vitamin B5, also well known as pantothenic acid, is active in the form of coenzyme A, which has been shown to play A prominent role in hair care. Vitamin B5 has been well known as a good solution once your skin condition is not good or your hair and eyelash becomes falling off. Of course, the structure of eyelash and hair is roughly the same, so vitamin B5 can make eyelash more strong tough, full of activity.


How Does Vitamin B5 make your eyelash stronger?


Vitamin B5 contains pantothenic acid, a substance can make your hair and eyelash stronger and silky.




Oil becomes a favorite ingredient added into skin care products also in eyelash serum. Sweet almond oil and castor oil and other oil are usually used into eyelash serum. Oil mainly helps the growth of hair and eyelash by providing fat for eyelashes.


How does oil help your eyelash longer and fuller?


Oil contains not only fat but also a variety nutrients such as vitamins and proteins which are all good for helping stimulate new hair to grow quite rapidly.


In conclusion


We have listed the above five helpful ingredients out for a reference. But it means that only containing all of the above components can an eyelash serum product be regarded as a good product. What we want to show you is that try to check the list of eyelash products and find as many as effective ingredients as possible. To check the order of these ingredient is also important. By the way we are experienced growth eyelash serum supplier. So if you have any need please feel free to contact us.


Eyelash growth serum private label factory supplier