7 Reasons Why Should Choose Tooth Cleaner Liquid

November 18,2021

tooth cleaner liquid manufacturer, supplier

Tooth cleaner liquid is a functional product for oral care and health care. It takes advantage of the extremely strong penetration of the foam to clean the oral cavity with a gentle gargle or brush. The soft foam makes oral care more thorough. The high-tech ingredients contained therein can make teeth whiter and more translucent, and can also repair the damaged tooth enamel surface that causes tooth soreness and relieve the symptoms of soreness. It has the effects of preventing tooth decay, protecting gums, anti-allergy and hemostasis, cleaning and sterilizing, removing dental plaque, cleaning food residues and curing dentures.


As a tooth cleaner liquid manufacturer, we will give you some reference about whether you should use tooth cleaner liquid.


tooth cleaner liquid manufacturer, supplier


What are the advantages of tooth cleaner liquid?


?Better cleaning power


There is no need to clean the surface, just a light press, the bubbles will cover the entire oral cavity, 360-degree thorough cleaning of the teeth, penetration of the corners of the oral cavity, clean the oral cavity.


Traditional paste toothpaste can not meet the needs of teeth, and pathogenic bacteria are hidden deep in the crevices of teeth.


?Gentle, less irritating


It does not damage the teeth and gums, and each brushing has more than 1 billion foam molecules. It provides intensive care for the oral cavity and the foam is more gentle.


?Teeth whitening


Tooth cleaner liquid contains active ingredients, which can effectively clean up the precipitated pigment in the oral cavity. Consistent use can improve various oral problems such as yellow teeth, tooth decay, smoking teeth, dental plaque and so on.


?Replace mouthwash


A small bottle is very convenient for eating out and squeezing it in your mouth directly as a mouthwash during a business trip.


?Prevent and improve tooth hypersensitivity


When using foam toothpaste, there is no toothbrush damage to tooth enamel, and the nano particles can fill the small damage of tooth enamel, preventing and eliminating tooth hypersensitivity in a short time.


?Postoperative care


Some people cannot use a toothbrush to brush their teeth after orthodontic surgery. At this time, they need to take extra care of their oral cavity and carry them with them after the operation to facilitate oral care at any time.


?Improve gum bleeding


The abundant foam can clean food residues very well. Without toothbrush damage to the gums and teeth, a good foam toothpaste will be added with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and can effectively improve bad breath, bleeding gums, oral ulcers and other problems. If you are looking for a tooth cleaner liquid manufacturer for professional advice, we are glad to serve you.


What are the ingredients of tooth cleaner liquid?


First of all, in terms of green and healthy ingredients, the foam toothpaste does not contain fluorine, is non-toxic and harmless, does not contain any additives and chemical ingredients, does not contain bleaching agents and thickeners.


Secondly, in terms of technology, we use Swiss imported technology for research and development, and have an international research and development team to achieve the most beautiful toothpaste innovative technology products.


Finally, in terms of smell, the scent of marine mint is used, the paste is made of the highest material, and it will not be deformed no matter how squeezed. The push-type pump head subverts the traditional tedious toothpaste squeezing procedure: take the toothpaste - open the lid - squeeze the toothpaste - cover (tighten) the toothpaste cover - put the toothpaste into the tooth cup and squeeze it out with just one tap, which can effectively avoid squeezing too much or squeezing less due to uneven "strength" during the squeezing process.


Tooth cleaner liquid is a functional product for oral care and health care. Using real and high quality materials and strict quality control, its appearance is a leap in the development of oral products. It extends toothpaste from traditional oral cleaning products to the field of oral care and health care, and can continue to protect oral health. We are a tooth cleaner liquid manufacturer, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.



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 tooth cleaner liquid manufacturer, supplier