Are Facial Whitening Creams Safe?

November 29,2021

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Due to pinkish skin enduring in popularity in many countries especially in Asia, facial whitening cream is still a big business though the Black Lives Matter started to protest some brands whose marketing pitches contain racism or colorist legacies in 2020. Pursuing an even skin tone with a white and healthy glow is a trend, but in this process, some events also triggered people’s concerns: are skin whitening creams safe to use?


As for an ordinary consumer, we need to learn more about the potential risks that existed in whitening facial cream since we can forbid unscrupulous cosmetic makers to earn money by adding banned or harmful ingredients with an immediate effect. We have listed the common risky ingredients that existed in whitening cream.


Facial Whitening Cream




Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent which is a crucial component in ointment prescribed for people suffering hyperpigmentation.




Its side effects include itching, irritation, dryness, redness, and possible allergic reactions in the form of contact dermatitis, and even worse, a blue or black pigmentation will be formed on your skin, a disease known as ochronosis.


How to avoid


Though some European countries have banned this ingredient in whitening cream, some nations and countries don’t. So we had better check the list of ingredients of a facial whitening cream before paying for it.


Fluorescent agent


Fluorescent agents can’t bleach your skin, since it just makes your skin look fairer. Its effect is instant, not permanent. But this is not the worst thing.




The downsides of this ingredient include lowering your immunity and even worse, triggering cancer. It will lengthen the process of your wound healing and that’s why doctors recommend people with acne had better not to use facial whitening cream. What’s more, it can be decomposed easily resulting in an accumulated amount of fluorescent agent on your liver or other organs, leading to a potential risk of cancer.


How to avoid


It is difficult for consumers to check whether a product contains a fluorescent agent or not since cosmetic makers are not fooling to list fluorescent agents on the ingredient list. But we can avoid these banned products by choosing brand products.


Mercury or plumbum


Among the heavy metals, plumbum and mercury do have a quick whitening effect on the skin, and some unscrupulous merchants may add these ingredients to their products in pursuit of profits.




Signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning include numbness, high blood pressure, fatigue, sensitivity to light, neurologic symptoms, such as tremor, memory loss, and irritability kidney failure. 


How to avoid

Apply the skin whitening cream you want to test to your hand, then run a silver coin across it. Black marks indicate mercury or lead. The darker the black, the higher the mercury or lead content.


In addition to the above ingredients, some types of ingredients playing an important role in bleaching your skin may irritate your skin as well. We should pay attention to these whitening ingredients in advance.


How do facial whitening creams work?


As we all know, melanin is the crime culprit to darken your skin color. So before talking about how skin whitening creams work, we have to learn something about melanin.


How is melanin formed?


Just give a brief introduction here. Tyrosine will convert into dopa under the catalysis of tyrosinase, and dopa can be directly transformed into melanin.


Three ways to get whiter and brighter


  1. To inhibit tyrosinase activity and thereby inhibit melanin formation.
  2. To inhibit the transfer of melanosomes from melanocytes to keratinocytes.
  3. To accelerate the exfoliation of melanin.


Whitening ingredients


As we mentioned above, there are three ways to bleach the skin. The following are the main whitening ingredients applied in whitening products. We have classified them by their working ways so that you can choose the right facial whitening cream for your own needs(except for Vitamin C because it is the all-around player). For example, if you want to get an even skin tone with a bright glow as quickly as possible you had better choose products that can eliminate the existed melanin.


Vitamin C


It is the perfect component since it can not only inhibit tyrosinase activity, block melanin generation, but also convert black melanin to light color. It means that vitamin C can not only impede your skin from getting dark but also diminish the amount of existing melanin. It will irritate your skin so most products sold on the market are added with derivatives of vitamin C. And it is recommended to use it at night and use it along with sun cream during the day.


Arbutin, Carbonic acid and Kojic acid


These ingredients whiten the skin mainly by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase. Both Arbutin and Carbonic acid are mild so you won’t worry to apply them to your skin. But due to being highly photosensitive Kojic acid has a potential risk to trigger skin allergy. So you had better try facial whitening cream behind your ears in case of skin allergy. Besides products containing Kojic acid must be used at night.


Alpha hydroxy acid


This kind of whitening agent mainly achieves the whitening effect by accelerating the exfoliation of melanin. So it has a high rate of leading to skin allergy. High doses of these ingredients can cause skin irritation so most products sold on the market contain a low dose of this ingredient. If you still worry about skin irritation, you can try it behind your ears first. You must use it along with sun cream during the daytime.




It belongs to vitamin B3. It can inhibit the melanin transferring from melanocytes to epidermal keratinocytes and speed up cell metabolism to achieve a whitening effect. It has some side effects such as boosting hair growth but it depends on different persons. We suggest that don’t use it along with high concentrations of stripping ingredients such as acids and vitamin A to avoid skin irritation.


In conclusion


We should not only pay attention to the ingredient list but also the unseen component in the whitening creams. If you are careful enough to check the ingredients contained in a whitening facial cream and pay attention to different whitening ingredients’ side effects, you are more likely to avoid skin irritation. By the way, we are a professional skin care manufacturer with high quality, and if you have any needs please feel free to contact us.




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