Buying Guide for Double-head Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

November 25,2021

Double-head automatic eyebrow pencil factory supplier

The eyebrows are the concentrated expression of our overall mental outlook. As an indispensable makeup tool in daily life, eyebrow pencil can well modify your eyebrow shape, thereby enhancing your personal temperament. However, there are many types of eyebrow pencils. Today this article will mainly introduce the double-head automatic eyebrow pencil, I hope it will be helpful to your choice of eyebrow pencil.


The Introduction of the Double-head Automatic Eyebrow Pencil


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Eyebrows are the frame of eyes. They can increase the strength of facial expression and play a decisive role in the face. Even if you don't need to make-up, as long as your eyebrows are well trimmed, the whole face will look very stylish. Exquisite eyebrow shape will make your overall face more three-dimensional. But most people's eyebrows have different degrees of defects. It doesn't matter. A double-head automatic eyebrow pencil can help you draw a pair of beautiful eyebrows.


The other end of the double-head automatic eyebrow pencil is usually equipped with an eyebrow brush, which can brush the eyebrows into a natural three-dimensional effect, which is convenient for you to trim. The comparative advantage of double-head automatic eyebrow pencil is that its refill is rectangular or triangular, which makes it particularly easy to operate when drawing eyebrows. Therefore, this type of eyebrow pencil is very practical.Whether it is the operation of the eyebrow or the final effect of the eyebrow, it is the best eyebrow pencil.


How to Choose a Suitable Double-head Automatic Eyebrow Pencil


1️⃣ Skin color


Before drawing eyebrows, you must observe your skin color. People with white skin are suitable for lighter eyebrow pencil colors, such as light brown. Dark brown is the standard that everyone can choose. It is difficult for you to control too light colors. Light-colored eyebrow pencils can't improve your personal temperament.


2️⃣ Hair color


Eyebrow shape is important, but eyebrow color is also important. You have to choose the same eyebrow pencil color as your hair color. People with black hair can choose dark brown or black eyebrow pencils. If your hair is very light, you can choose light brown. If your hair color is yellow, then brown is the first choice. This will make your overall makeup look more coordinated and more refined.


3️⃣ Eyebrow pencil tip


There are many styles of eyebrow pencil tips. For novices, I suggest you choose the flat head double-head automatic eyebrow pencil. Because you can easily control this eyebrow pencil, and the outline can be quickly outlined, you can use it with confidence.


4️⃣ Quality


The high-quality double-head automatic eyebrow pencil refills are softer and will not feel uncomfortable when used. However, inferior eyebrow pencils have very hard refills, so it is not recommended to buy them. You will find that the double-head automatic eyebrow pencil with good quality can be easily controlled, and the eyebrows drawn will be natural.


To implement the above suggestions/steps/tips we provide, you can choose the double-head automatic eyebrow pencil that suits you. If you are looking for a double-head automatic eyebrow pencil manufacturer, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products.




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