Do You Know How To Make Highlights?

December 01,2021

We all know that the color of eyebrows should match the color of hair. For example, if your hair is black, you should use a black eyebrow pencil; If your hair is brown, you should use a brown eyebrow pencil; If your hair is pink, you should use a pink eyebrow pencil.


When making up, for convenience, many girls will use eyebrow pencil as an eyeliner or a silkworm pen. For this reason, many manufacturers began to produce eyebrow highlighter pencils, which are a combination of eyebrow pencils and highlighter pencils. Use the end of the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow shape, and use the highlighter pencil end to draw directly under the eyebrows.


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Applicable parts of highlight pencils


  1. Bridge of the nose, use a highlighter pencil to draw along the bridge of the nose, and then fine halo dyeing can make your nose more straight, high, and full of three-dimensional feeling.


  1. On the lips, highlight your lips to make them fuller and pink.


  1. Chin, use a highlighter pencil point to paint in the middle of your chin, which can make your chin look sharp and small, and easily create a small V face.


  1. Eye, use a highlighter pencil to light the eye socket, which can make your eyes more profound and three-dimensional.


Usage of highlight pencils


  • Forehead and nose highlights tutorial


If the highlights are indispensable, the forehead and bridge of the nose must be the first and second place, which can highlight the fullness of the forehead and the high stiffness of the bridge of the nose. If the bridge of the nose is uneven or the radian needs to be adjusted, pay attention to the number of highlights at different positions.


  • Eyebrow bone highlights tutorial


The highlight of eyebrow bone is ignored by most people, but it is the basic step of European and American eye makeup. If you want the three-dimensional eye makeup with high eyebrow bone and sunken eye socket in Europe and America, you must increase the three-dimensional degree of eyebrow bone.


  • Cheek highlights tutorial


If you want to highlight the fullness of apple muscle, you can sweep the highlight evenly to highlight the gloss and permeability of the skin, which can make the cheeks look fuller and younger.


Tips for using eyebrow highlighter pencils with different colors


  1. Silver white


The silvery-white highlight is suitable for brightening the eye circumference. Dyeing the highlight on the inner corner of the eye will have the visual effect of opening the corner of the eye. In addition, a little silver-white highlight at the lower middle of the eyebrow bone can make the eyebrow bone more three-dimensional and create the effect of an electric eye.


  1. White


White can brighten the bridge of the nose and deep eye sockets. Just brush a narrow white highlight on the bridge of the nose to make the bridge of the nose 0.5mm high. In addition, white is also suitable for brightening the chin. If you want to make the chin look sharp, you can gently paint the white highlight in the middle of the chin into an inverted triangle. If the chin is too long, it can also be decorated with white, and the highlight can be painted round in the middle of the chin.


  1. Off white


Dark complexion can be highlighted with beige, which will look more natural. The highlighter pencil of off-white can be used alone to cover the drooping bags under the eyes or to replace concealer. Off-white highlights can make blue or brown lying silkworm cleaner and clearer.


  1. Pink


Pink eyebrow pencils can create a healthy look. It can be used on apple muscle to make cheeks younger and fuller. Pink highlights can also be used in combination with liquid foundation to brighten the entire makeup and create a strong sense of three-dimensional. Pink highlights can also be used in lip beads to highlight the three-dimensional feeling of lip beads.


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