Do You Know How to Use Eyebrow Styling Cream?

November 26,2021

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For girls, this may be a public “secret”, that is, eyebrows can directly determine a person's temperament. Conversely, how can one improve a person's temperament? The color, shape and curvature of the eyebrows all play a vital role. Therefore, in addition to eyebrow pencils, eyebrow styling cream can also help you become more attractive! As a professional eyebrow styling cream supplier, we have given you some following procedures.


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How to choose the color of eyebrow styling cream?


Method 1: According to your own eyes. The size of the eyes is also related to the choice of the eyebrow pencil color. Girls with big eyes can choose the darker color, and the eyebrows can also be drawn thicker, which will be more harmonious with your big eyes. Girls with small eyes can choose a lighter color, and match with a thinner eyebrow shape, which will be more coordinated with the eyes, but the specific eyebrow shape depends on your face shape.


Method 2: According to your own hair color. When choosing the eyebrow styling cream color, it is best to choose the same color as the hair color, and the color difference should not be too large, so that the overall makeup will be more harmonious.


Method 3: According to your skin color. The skin tone should also be matched with the eyebrow styling cream shade. For darker skin tones, do not choose too light eyebrow pencil shade, otherwise, it will not be effective. So try to choose a dark-skinned eyebrow pencil, the common eyebrow pencil colors are dark brown or gray-black. For light skin, you can choose a lighter color, such as brown or light gray.


How to use eyebrow styling cream?


Firstly, usually clean the eyebrows, and then apply an appropriate amount of styling cream to the eyebrows, and then apply evenly along the direction of the eyebrows. Applying eyebrow styling cream to the area of the eyebrows can usually improve the color of the eyebrows, but also improve the shape of the eyebrows, and can also make the whole person look more energetic. But when applying, you need to apply an appropriate amount of styling cream to the eyebrows, and apply it evenly along the direction of eyebrow growth, and wipe off the excess styling cream.


If you feel that it is troublesome to rub the eyebrow styling cream, you can also improve it by doing eyebrow tattoos. After the eyebrows are tattooed, the eyebrow should be kept clean and hygienic to avoid inflammation and infection of the wound. Repair drugs can be applied locally for adjuvant treatment. As a leading eyebrow styling cream supplier, you can contact us for additional advice.


How to remove eyebrow styling cream?


Prepare a cotton swab and paper towel, fold the paper towel in half on the lower eyelid, close the eyes, and then use a cotton swab moistened with makeup remover to wipe down from the root of the eyelashes. Then open your eyes, put a paper towel on the bottom of the lower eyelashes, and then use a cotton swab to wipe down from the root of the eyelashes.


Dip a cotton pad into the special eye makeup remover, and press it gently on the eye area for 5 seconds to allow it to have enough time to dissolve the waterproof ingredients on the eyelashes and eyeliner.


Put a little makeup remover on the cotton pad, then close your eyes, and slowly wipe away from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eye according to the texture of the eyelid; look up when you remove the eyeliner. Try to avoid excessive stretching of the eye skin to produce fine lines.


To clean the eyebrows, first wipe it from the inside and the outside, and then use the opposite side of the cotton to wipe the eyebrows from the outside to the inside.


After the eyelashes and eyeshadow are removed, the residual makeup of the eyeliner or eyeshadow is still left in the small eyelashes or eyelid folds. Dip the makeup remover with a cotton swab and carefully wipe it perpendicular to the eyes, in order to prevent the cosmetics from staying on the delicate skin around the eyes and harming the skin.


Gently wipe the eyebrows to remove the shadow eyebrows.


In conclusion


In fact, girls do not put on makeup to please others, but more importantly, to please themselves. A delicate makeup gives you extra confidence and full of vitality every day. We are an Eyebrow styling cream supplier, please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements.

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