Do you Know the Signal Toothpaste

November 19,2021

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Toothpaste is a common cleaning product in daily life and has a long history. With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement and perfection of process equipment, various types of toothpastes have come out one after another. Today this article will mainly introduce signal toothpaste.


The Introduction of the Signal Toothpaste


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Signal toothpaste is a toothpaste produced by Unilever, which has the effect of preventing dental caries and dental health.


Bacteria are the root cause of oral diseases. The full antibacterial effect of signal toothpaste can effectively remove bacteria and inhibit their regeneration, helping you to prevent: tooth decay, dental plaque, gum disease, and oral odor.


The signal antibacterial formula contains TCN antibacterial pure, which forms a protective film on the teeth to continuously resist the growth of bacteria and provide comprehensive protection for the oral cavity for a long time. The fluorine plus calcium formula effectively prevents tooth decay, strengthens the teeth and selects spices, leaving the breath fresh and refreshing. The signal toothpaste has been verified by the Chinese Association of Stomatology to prevent dental caries.


Various Type of the Signal Toothpaste


? Fluoride toothpaste


Fluorine is an important trace element in the body, which can prevent tooth decay. However, children under the age of three should not use fluoride toothpaste. Children under the age of 6 should use fluoride toothpaste under the supervision of their parents to prevent swallowing. Children cannot share a toothpaste with their parents, they must choose a toothpaste for children. Because children's signal toothpaste has low friction and low hardness, it can protect children's teeth and oral mucosa, and prevent too strong fragrances from affecting the sense of taste.


? Medicinal toothpaste


You should choose medicinal toothpaste according to your own situation and must not follow blindly. People with dentine hypersensitivity should choose desensitization signal toothpaste. Only people over 12 years old can use medicated toothpaste.


? Bleaching toothpaste



Some ingredients contained in bleaching toothpaste have bleaching effect, which can reduce the pigment attached to the surface of the tooth, and then only remove the exogenous pigment. Insist on using bleached signal toothpaste to brush your teeth, which will make the bleaching effect longer. However, bleaching toothpaste only has the effect of whitening teeth, and it cannot protect the oral cavity.


? Anti-calculus toothpaste


Anti-calculus toothpaste can restrict the formation of tartar on the gums. In addition, the special ingredients contained in this type of signal toothpaste slow down the formation of dental calculus by inhibiting gum mineralization.


How to Choose Suitable Signal Toothpaste


Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing toothpaste.


✔️ Don't blindly believe in efficacy


Some special toothpastes are difficult to exert their effects in a short period of time. If your teeth are healthy, use ordinary signal toothpaste.


✔️ It is best to replace toothpaste frequently


Long-term use of the same kind of toothpaste to brush your teeth will cause certain harmful oral bacteria to develop drug resistance and drug resistance, and the toothpaste will lose its sterilizing and protective role. It is best to use several signal toothpastes alternately.


To implement the above suggestions we provide, you can choose the right toothpaste to better protect your teeth. We are the signal toothpaste supplier. Any interests, welcome to contact us.

signal toothpaste manufacturer supplier factory