Everything You Should Know about Eyebrow Tint Cream

December 01,2021

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Pursuing beauty is the nature of every girl. One of the most beneficial methods is makeup, which can make your face more delicate and give you more confidence. Imagine that your face is like a palette, every color you love can be used on your face to present surprising beauty. The most intuitive thing is when making up, even if the simplest has a foundation, you can look more fair-skinned and flawless.


Beginning to makeup, the essential and hardest part is to have a perfect eyebrow, which must be the soul of makeup. It can improve your temperament directly and have a good impression on others. So besides, having a double-head automatic eyebrow pencil, the option of an eyebrow tint cream is crucial. Today, we mainly focus on the latter one from all aspects and hope that, after reading this article, you can gain more knowledge.


Eyebrow tint cream, high quality Eyebrow tint dye cream


What is eyebrow tint cream?


Eyebrow cream is a cosmetic product for eyebrows, which has the functions of fixing eyebrow shape, unifying eyebrow color, neutralizing facial lines, and making eyebrows three-dimensional.


Eyebrow cream can change the color of eyebrows and present different makeup effects. For example, it can fill sparse eyebrows and make eyebrows look thicker. Moreover, the eyebrow cream can not only make the eyebrows soft and smooth but also lift the drooping eyebrows and make people look full of vitality.


How can eyebrow tint cream be effective?


The principle of eyebrow tint cream is to use some strong covering power to attach to the surface of the eyebrows to change their color to achieve the effect. In nature, the principle of eyebrow dyeing cream is different from that of hair

dyeing. Hair dyeing directly changes the hair color, but eyebrow dyeing cream only attaches the color to the surface of the eyebrows; hair dye is permanent, but eyebrow dyeing cream is not permanent. After that, the eyebrows will change back to the original color, so it is needed every time you make-up because it cannot be done once and for all.


How to choose the right shade of eyebrow tint cream?


The choice of eyebrow cream should be based on your eyebrow color, hair color, and makeup. Generally speaking, eyebrows are always two shades darker than hair.


Choose by hair color:


  • Light brown: suitable for people with light, bright yellow, or light coffee hair color;


  • Reddish-brown: suitable for people with burgundy or reddish-brown hair color;


  • Grayish brown: suitable for people with natural hair color or sparse eyebrows;


  • Brown: suitable for people with a little colored hair or dark brown hair color;


  • Dark brown: suitable for people with black hair or dark hair;


Choose by skin color:


  • For people with dark skin, be sure not to choose too light eyebrow color, dark brown or gray-black eyebrow color is more suitable;


  • For people with light-skinned skin, light brown or brown eyebrows should be considered.


Choose by eye size:


The size of the eyes also has a certain relationship with the choice of eyebrow color.


  • If the eyes are bright and large, the eyebrow color should not be too light. Bright and dark eyebrow color is a better choice. The eyebrows can also be made thicker;


  • If the eyes are soft or smaller, the eyebrows are suitable for lighter tones, and the shape of the eyebrows can be thinner accordingly.


Eyebrow tint cream, high quality Eyebrow tint dye cream


How to use eyebrow tint cream correctly?


  1. First, choose a suitable eyebrow brush according to the length of your eyebrows. If the eyebrows are inherently short, it is recommended to choose a smaller spiral brush. In addition, short eyebrows are not easy to clump and are relatively neat; if it is long eyebrows You can use a larger spiral brush head.


  1. Secondly, put the eyebrow brush under the eyebrows, and brush gently against the growth direction of the eyebrows several times, so that all the eyebrows are tilted up neatly, and be sure to brush from the root of the eyebrows. When it feels almost the same, you can brush in the direction of your eyebrows. When brushing your eyebrows, you must keep the same direction and don't mess up your eyebrows.


  1. Thirdly, After the eyebrows are fully brushed and neat, you can even apply some eyebrow cream on the eyebrows. Note: For girls with short eyebrows, don't apply too much eyebrow cream, just a little bit. This will make the eyebrows look more natural. Girls with long eyebrows can apply more.


  1. Finally, look in the mirror with the eyebrow brush and gently brush your eyebrows until you feel satisfied.


How to remove the eyebrow tint cream?


The eyebrow cream can only be washed off with makeup remover. Because the texture of eyebrow dye cream is creamy, it has a stronger adsorption capacity than eyebrow powder. It can not be washed clean with water. If there is residue, it will cause a dull skin tone. And the most popular eyebrow creams on the market are waterproof, so you need to use makeup remover or oil to remove makeup. Maybelline's eye & lip makeup remover is a good choice.


 high quality Eyebrow tint dye cream manufacturer