Everything You Should Know about Eyeliner

November 27,2021

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An essential step for many girls to make up must be eyeliner! Appropriate eyeliner can highlight and beautify the eyes. At the same time, it can also trim or even change the shape of the eyes, making the eyes have a strong black and white contrast. However, some inferior eyeliner pencils may appear hazy makeup, which will make you more embarrassed. Maybe you need a good waterproof black liquid eyeliner.


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What are different ways of drawing eyeliner?


By drawing eyeliner, you can also express the temperament of a person. For example, put the focus of the eyeliner on the bottom, that is, the lower eyeliner is thicker than the upper one, and the position of the eye is lowered, which is innocent and lively; if the focus of the eyeliner is placed on the upper side, the higher the position, you will look more mature and stable.


How to choose a waterproof eyeliner?


  • Draw a line on the back of your hand with the eyeliner to check the smoothness and color rendering of the eyeliner, as well as the softness of the refill. (The refill is soft and smooth enough to make it easier to apply, and it does not irritate the eyes.)


  • Rinse the back of the hand with the eyeliner under the faucet and rub it gently to check its durability and smudging degree.


  • Choose a thin and gentle makeup remover to see how easy and clean the eyeliner is to remove.


What should I do if the eyeliner is dry?


  • Wet the nib: You can wet the nib with toner or makeup remover, and then use a cotton pad to absorb the nib moisture, powder and debris, and finally draw on the back of your hand or white paper a few more times, it can restore the original eyeliner color.


  • Add lotion or eye drops to the liquid eyeliner: Add an appropriate amount of lotion or eye drops to the liquid eyeliner, then close the lid tightly and shake it vigorously.


  • Soak the eyeliner in warm water: first close the lid of the eyeliner tightly, then put the eyeliner into a small bag, and then soak it in warm water for about an hour. However, this method can only maintain a relatively short-term effect.


The difference between eyeliner and gel eyeliner


  • The effect is different: the eyeliner drawn by the gel eyeliner is thicker, and the eyeliner drawn by the eyeliner is thinner. Gel eyeliner is not easy to smudge, but it breaks easily; while eyeliner is easier to smudge.


  • Different materials: eyeliner pens are available in solid and liquid form, while gel eyeliner pens are in solid gel form, so it is more convenient to use gel eyeliner pens to draw inner eyeliner. When using it, the gel eyeliner pen is not suitable for drawing the end of the eye because it is thicker, and it is easy to smudge or fail to achieve the desired effect.


Is frequent eyeliner harmful to the eyes?


The main ingredients of eyeliner are titanium oxide, liquid paraffin talc, hemioleate, zinc laurate, preservatives, coloring pigments, fragrances and so on. Frequent drawing of eyeliner is harmful to the eyes. Long-term use of eyeliner will not only affect the skin around the eyes to a certain extent, but also damage the eyes when used improperly. For example:


Risk of allergies when used


When using an eyeliner, a little carelessness can easily cause cosmetic particles to fall into the eyes, causing redness, tearing, and even swelling and pain in the eyes. If the makeup is not removed thoroughly for a long time and the eyeliner remains, it may also induce allergic conjunctivitis.


Contaminated when used for too long


Some data show that the contamination rate of the new eyelashes before use is less than 1%. As the time of use increases, the bacteria on the eyelashes will increase exponentially. Eyeliner and mascara are both eye cosmetics, and they are also prone to bacterial infection during use. Therefore, using eyeliner may cause the risk of eye infections.


But as mentioned above, regular use of a certain product will definitely produce some side effects, no matter what, so don't worry too much about the potential harm. But for sensitive skin, before buying an eyeliner, try to show it in a physical store to see if it matches your skin type. The most important thing is to try to maintain good hygiene when using cosmetics. We are Black liquid eyeliner supplier, if you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us.


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