How Do Beginners Choose Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette?

November 29,2021

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Girls always can't lack an easy-to-use and beautiful cosmetics eyeshadow palette when putting on makeup. Whether it's to create a makeup look for going out on weekdays or going to a party dinner, the bright eyeshadow colors can not only attract people's attention in a moment but also show their fashion features. Today, I will introduce some ways for beginners to buy an eyeshadow palette.


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Step 1: choose the right powdery texture according to your eye shape


Our eyes generally have double eyelids, single eyelids, and swollen eyelids. If the texture of the eyeshadow is not selected, it will magnify the shortcomings of our eyes. For example, the pearly texture will make the swollen eyelids appear more swollen.


The powder texture of the eyeshadow palette usually has matte, pearl, and sequins. Let me tell you about their characteristics and suitable eye shapes.


  • Matte texture: This kind of eyeshadow is characterized by basically no gloss, it is more natural after makeup, and is more suitable for daily makeup. At the same time, matte eyeshadow is also the most common, because it is very versatile, it is suitable for all eye shapes.


  • Pearl texture: Pearl eyeshadow is made with fine flashes added to the eyeshadow, so it has a higher gloss on the eyelids and makes the eyes more three-dimensional. Therefore, it is more suitable for single or double eyelids with thin eyelids. If swollen eyelids are used, the eyes will appear more swollen.


  • Sequin texture: Sequin eyeshadow is a special one. Most of these eyeshadows have extra sequins added to the pearl texture. They are more suitable for dating or party use. Daily use will be more abrupt. And this kind of eyeshadow is also not suitable for swollen eyelids.


Step 2: understand the role of different color types


The colors of eyeshadow can be simply divided into four types: base color, transition color, shadow color, and highlight color according to different functions. Only by knowing the role of each color type can you choose a better eyeshadow according to your makeup and the makeup effect you want to achieve.


Next, I will tell you how to judge the effect of various colors when you see an eyeshadow palette.


  • Base color is except for the lightest color in the whole plate (such as white), the lightest of the other colors is generally a light color similar to the skin color (such as apricot, skin tone, etc.). Most of them are used to make a large area, mainly to neutralize the skin tone.


  • Transition color is a bit darker than the base color. As a transitional color applied to the eye sockets of the eyelids, it is the "protagonist" of the entire eye makeup and determines the makeup style. For example pink peach makeup, earthy daily makeup, dark gray smoky makeup, and so on.


  • Shadow color is a darker color than the transition color. This color can make the whole makeup look more layered from light to dark. In addition, it can also be used instead of eyeliner to apply to the roots of eyelashes to make eye makeup more natural and soft.


  • Highlight color is generally the color with pearly luster and more obvious pearl luster, which is used to brighten locally. The lighter color is suitable for brightening the corners of the eyes and lower eyelids, making the eyes appear bigger and brighter (for example off-white). Darker colors are more suitable for applying on the middle of the eyelids to brighten the eyelids and make the entire eye makeup more three-dimensional.


Step 3: choose the right number of colors and color series


If you are a beginner who has never touched makeup and bought eyeshadow palettes of too many colors, it will be wasted because you can't match or dare not use the special colors. So beginners recommend choosing eyeshadow palettes with no more than 4 colors. In terms of color, it is recommended to choose the same color series, which can be dark and light colors to match, for example, they are all earth colors. It can also be matched with similar colors, such as brown, reddish-brown, etc.


Among them, the three-color and four-color eyeshadow palettes are the most convenient. The easiest way is to use a lighter color to make a large area, and then use the darker color to paint on the eye sockets, and the darkest color to deepen the eyes.


If you are a beginner who knows some entry-level eyeshadow makeup, you can try a multi-color eyeshadow palette. Generally, matte and pearly textures are available, and 2-3 similar colors are the best in the same palette.


If you are an advanced player, you can choose whatever you want, whether it's monochromatic or multi-color, earthy or red-pink, matte or pearly, it all depends on your preference and makeup.


Good eyeshadow palette standard


One more thing to say is that in addition to being suitable for you, a good eyeshadow palette also needs to have the following advantages:


1. No flying powder


2. Good malleability


Because flying powder is easy to make the entire makeup surface dirty, and the ductility is not good, it is easy to have a grainy feeling, and the color cannot be smudged.


However, there is no way to distinguish these two points before we buy them, so we can distinguish them by ourselves after we buy them back. If possible, go to the counter to try it out.


Two tips for painting eyeshadow


  1. Keep in mind the principle of "small amount and multiple times". When you feel the color is light, you can continue to deepen it, but it will be troublesome if the color becomes very dark all at once, so a small amount and multiple times is the most basic principle.


  1. Remember to smudge when you use multiple colors of eyeshadow together. Otherwise, one part of the eyes are dark and the other is shallow, and there will be a transitional effect after blooming.


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