How To Use Body Scrub Correctly?

December 13,2021

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Regular exfoliation can make the skin smoother and more tender. In exfoliating products, a body scrub is often mentioned, so how can body scrub be used correctly?


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Do you need to get wet before using a body scrub?


You should get wet before using a body scrub. Before using the body scrub, ensure that there is enough moisture on the skin to prevent the skin from being too dry and abrading the skin.


The order of use of body scrub and shower gel


Use shower gel first. When taking a bath, first wash the body with shower gel to help the skin open pores and remove sweat, dust, and dirt on the surface of the skin. However, the cleaning ability of shower gel is limited and it is unable to remove dead skin. At this time, the use of body scrub can help the skin clean thoroughly. Moreover, using shower gel first can moisturize the skin and make the subsequent scrub less dry.


Usage of body scrub


  1. Wet the skin with clean water, take out an appropriate amount of scrub and apply it evenly on the skin.


  1. When applying, try to do it in one go to avoid omissions (elbows, knee joints, feet, buttocks, etc.).


  1. Take special care of areas with thick keratin, focusing on circular motions. The looping method can be clockwise or counterclockwise.


  1. Finally, rinse with clean water.


Precautions for using a body scrub


?The strength should be light


The body scrub can clean the pores, but if it is used without opening the pores, it will cause the particles of the scrub to block the pores. Therefore, before using the body scrub, wet the body with warm water, then put the body scrub on the palm of your hand, and then massage in circles on the skin. Last, wash the skin after 1 minute.


?Choose the right scrub


The coarser the scrub, the greater the damage to the skin, because the friction generated by it is unbearable for the skin. It will not only remove the cuticle but also damage the tissue on the skin surface. Therefore, the scrub with fine and uniform texture is the first choice.


?Clean before use, the effect is better


Before using the scrub, you need to clean the skin first. Only when the pores are clean, the scrub can have a better effect.


?Follow-up skin care needs to keep up


After using the scrub, the garbage on the surface of the skin will be removed. At this time, what is most needed is to replenish water and moisturize, give the skin the most gentle nourishment, and give the skin deeper protection. Choose body milk with a high moisturizing ability to lock in moisture.


?Frequency of use of scrub


Frequent use is not recommended. Frequent use of scrubs may make the skin more fragile and sensitive. Dry skin and sensitive skin can be used once every half a month. Because dry skin produces less oil, excessive cleaning should be avoided. Sensitive skin will have allergy problems if frosting cream is often used. For oily skin, it is recommended to use it once a week. Because oily skin has strong oil secretion and relatively more dead skin, you can use the scrub once a week.


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