How to Use Face Cream Rightly to Keep Skin Healthy

November 29,2021

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It is very important to keep your face hydrated, which will make your skin look good. After our daily skincare, remember to apply facial cream, which is a key step to lock facial moisture and protect the skin from environmental damage.


Many people choose face cream set to separate morning and evening creams. Do you know the difference between day and night creams?


It is also very important to apply them correctly. I think everyone is willing to apply the cream in the right way.


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Face cream

Normally, there is day cream and night cream in the face cream set. Of course, depending on the function, there are others, such as anti-aging, whitening, etc. But here, we don't cover it, we focus on the cream, day and night cream. So, going on.


Benefits of using face cream

The following are important reasons:

  • Lock skin moisture and moisturize
  • Protection from environmental damage (ultraviolet rays, weather)
  • Improve skin condition
  • The foundation of natural makeup
  • Get soft and smooth skin


Day cream (sun protection)

Vitamin C. It brightens the skin layer, evens skin color as well as improves cell melanin to defend coming from the sunlight.


Sunscreen lotion. Try to find a lotion with long-acting sunscreen. This suggests a sun security variable (SPF) of 15 or much higher.


Night cream (moisturizing and repairing)

Sleeping is a very good time to moisturize and repair facial skin. We recommend that you choose a night cream that contains these ingredients:


Retinols. This vitamin A by-product is anti-aging and aids with alright lines, creases, and brown places. It may level and lighten your skin tone. Yet beware, this non-prescription substance is highly effective as well as can create inflammation. Start with an extremely small amount three times a full week as well as increase as put up with. If you possess a sensitive skin layer, be specifically cautious.


Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and also beta-hydroxy acids. These agents are comprised of citric and various other fruit acids and also are good for dull or ash-colored appearing skin layer. They delicately exfoliate and soften skin as well as aid the lotion to penetrate your skin layer.


Hyaluronic acid (HA). This ingredient takes in moisture to plump your skin layer and also helps with great lines, wrinkles, and skin layer pigment problems.


Vitamin E. This antioxidant hydrates the skin layer and also lightens the skin.


Resveratrol. An anti-oxidant that helps with tension.


Do not choose creams with these ingredients

Oily and acne-prone skin is not suitable for waxes, oils, and petrolatum. They can clog your pores.


Sensitive muscles. Salicylic acid will irritate the skin.


Fragrances and perfumes. They can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.


Retinoic acid. This anti-aging ingredient can irritate your skin.


Methylparabens/parabens. These cosmetic preservatives can cause allergic reactions and block your pores.


Although it is a natural cream, there are some ingredients that you can't accept (allergic). So be sure to check the instructions on the product carefully.


What ingredients should be chosen for sensitive and dry skin

Know your skin type

Before you choose them, I think you already know your skin condition very well. If you still don’t know or are not sure, this article is really helpful: How to Determine Your Skin Type from wikiHow. We recommend choosing creams that contain these ingredients.


Must contain ingredients

Ceramides. These are all-natural proteins in the external levels of the skin layer that always keep dampness in and safeguard skin from ecological contaminants. Much older and vulnerable skin tends to possess much fewer ceramides.


Glycerin. An organic humectant (emollient) that repairs services skin.


Lactic acid. An exfoliant that removes the outer coating of dead skin tissues, enabling emollients to lot better infiltrate the skin layer.


Press the product out of television, starting at the first fold or even junction on your index finger as well as ending at the fingertip. The fingertip unit may certainly not be utilized with serums as well as creams.


Pro tip: Don't apply very oily creams to dry skins.


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Steps to apply cream correctly

Wash your face

Mix clean water with a facial cleanser to remove dirt and sweat from the face. If you put on makeup, you need to clean it with a makeup remover and then use a facial cleanser.


Apply cream

After washing your face, you need to apply lotion one by one. Don't wait for them all to dry, apply the cream in order, so that it can lock the moisture on the face. After applying, pat the face until dry.


Important tips

  • Clean hands before applying skincare products
  • Choose a cream that suits your skin
  • Apply the cream every day, even though you have no plans to apply cream
  • Do not leave skincare products or cosmetics in the bathroom, as water will spread bacteria when it enters.
  • Face cream set, the effect is better together


How much cream do I need

The right amount of cream can keep the skin healthy. We use a simple measurement method, the Fingertip Unit. Almost everyone will directly take the number of skin care products with their hands instead of using a teaspoon. So this is also the easiest way. The amount you need is about a five-millimeter nozzle (standard- size of an adult’s hand)


Squeeze the product out of the tube, starting at the first crease or joint on your index finger and ending at the fingertip. The fingertip unit cannot be used with serums and lotions.


You need 1.0 FTUs when applying it on the face.


The best time to apply

Day cream and night cream should be applied after washing your face. If it is a night cream, it can be applied after the bath and when the skin is dry. Because the blood circulation of the skin is good, the absorption efficiency of skincare products is also higher.


Final thoughts

Users need to choose the correct face cream(set) according to their skin type, which is more targeted and effective, please list the cream set into your daily skincare products.


Your skin will look healthy since facial skin contains moisture. Plus, using the cream in the right amount can make our skin lock in moisture and make makeup more natural. So, implement these tips mentioned above to make your face better.


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