Key Ingredients in Brightening Body Lotion and Use Tips

December 02,2021

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Winter always means dry, and the body has begun to peel. After taking a shower, I use body lotion to smear my body to make my skin more moisturized. Although I need to use it in all seasons, for winter, I want to use a whitening body lotion so that I can have fairer skin next summer.


If your skin is yellowish and you want to get fairer skin by physical methods, whitening body lotions are a brilliant way, and they are affordable, so you can pick one according to your budget. Concerning whitening body lotion, some ingredients must be contained. Do you know them?


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What ingredients do whitening body lotion need to contain

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has the following benefits:

  • Brighten skin and inhibit the activity of pigmented melanocytes
  • While promoting the microcirculation of blood vessels, it can also eliminate toxins in the skin tissues and make the skin radiant.
  • Continuous use will help the collagen proliferation in the dermis, making the skin look elastic and not loose.


Vitamin A

Mainly a derivative of vitamin A, retinol. Vitamin A can protect the epithelial tissue of the skin. Therefore, the skin will appear dry and the keratin metabolism will be abnormal lacking vitamin A, which will cause the keratin to accumulate and hypertrophy, and the complexion will be dull and shiny. Vitamin A acid can directly enter the cell nucleus through elastin and collagen. The synthesis effect of aging can change the aging skin texture and make the skin younger, whiter, and more radiant.


Fruit acid

An acid extracted from fruits. Among them, glycolic acid extracted from sugar cane has the best effect. After removing the hyperkeratotic stratum corneum, it stimulates the growth of new cells. It also helps to remove fine lines and lighten the epidermis. Pigment makes the skin of the body softer, fairer, smoother, and more elastic.


Licorice and mulberry extract

It is extracted from the root of the licorice. Due to its high safety, it is generally added to care products about sun exposure to eliminate the subtle inflammation on the skin after intense sun exposure. Many whitening body lotions contain licorice. Mulberry extract is the latest whitening ingredient developed by the French. It has a mild and effective effect and is especially suitable for restoring body skin that has been tanned in summer.


How good is the brightening body lotion?

It is a kind that keeps your body's skin moisturized, keeps away from dryness, and evens and whiten up the skin tone.


When is the best time to use body milk?

The body lotion is best used within ten minutes after bathing. At this time, the pores are still in a state of expansion and the skin is just in a moisturized state. And using body lotion can lock the skin's moisture while not good when your skin is dry.


How much body lotion do I need to apply?

Skin in different areas differs, so the amount of use for each part is also different. You can apply a thicker layer to the areas where the skin is usually dry, especially the elbows, knee joints, and calves. Some people may also have chicken skin symptoms, so the areas with chicken skin can also be thicker and massaged more.


What to do if there is a wound?

Try to avoid it, otherwise, the body lotion will irritate the wound and affect the healing of the wound.


Do you need to massage when applying it?

Do you have the wrong idea that it is enough to apply evenly? Actually, it is best to perform proper massage after applying evenly so that the skin can better absorb the body lotion, and it can also promote blood circulation and improve the utilization rate of the body milk. Remember, five minutes are enough.


Warm tips

It is cold now, so put on warm pajamas or nightgown immediately after using the body lotion. Yes, the skin in warm status helps to improve the subsequent absorption, and also allows the body lotion to play a better effect. Importantly, take an appropriate amount of body lotion and spread evenly until absorbed.


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