Quick Guide On Trimming Eyebrows

November 27,2021

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Getting rid of messy eyebrows is the first step of good eyebrow shape. So, you need to use some necessary tools, such as eyebrow scissors, eyebrow cutter or eyebrow pencil with blade, etc.


This is a nice investment, a combination of eyebrow pencil and micro blade. Whether you have sparse eyebrows, uneven arches, or no eyebrows at all, you can use a microblading eyebrow pencil. You can find many a microblading eyebrow pencil manufacturer and factory online.


Let's turn our attention to eyebrow trimming first, which is what everyone cares about most.


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Tips and tricks of eyebrow trimming

Trim off the miscellaneous hairs between the eyebrows.


Recognize the shape of your face, use an eyebrow pencil to outline it, and then use an eyebrow cutter to shave off the eyebrows outside the outline. (The face shape is discussed in the second half of the article)


Shave the upper end of the eyebrows clean.


Use the eyebrow comb to comb the eyebrows along the direction of eyebrow combing.


Trim over-long eyebrows with eyebrow scissors.

Use a comb to comb, and then carefully trim off the eyebrows that come out of the comb. Pay attention to a certain distance between the comb and the skin, otherwise it is easy to have gaps.


Finish perfectly!



The direction of using the eyebrow cutter should follow the growth direction of the eyebrows to shave the eyebrows, otherwise it may hurt the face and skin.


Which eyebrow shape is suitable for your face (girls)

Longer face

Flat eyebrows is best for people whose face shape is long. Do not make the eyebrows too thin, because the eyebrows that are too thin make it difficult to get close to each other; and for girls with long faces, you can trim the eyebrows appropriately to make the eyebrows more layered, and gradually grow from the eyebrows to the eyebrows, which can modify the face.


Rounder face

Why not choose angular eyebrows? It helps make the face more three-dimensional; in terms of color, girls with a rounder face should choose a brown color system instead of too light eyebrows. Plus, you must highlight the three-dimensional arc of the eyebrow peak to immediately lengthen the face proportion.


Thin face

For girls with a thin face, the eyebrows should not be too three-dimensional, otherwise the face will become more angular and gaunt and thin, and the disadvantage of a sunken face will become more apparent. So if your face is skinny and thin, you should try to make your eyebrows slightly curved, and emphasize the color of the eyebrows to extend your face outwards and make your face look fuller.


More angular

This face shape refers to the high cheekbones and flat chin. This kind of face shape is most suitable for curved eyebrows, but it should be noted that the eyebrow curvature should not be raised too much. Eyebrow pencils for hair color will create a softer face.



Master the above-mentioned eyebrow trimming tricks in accordance with your own face shape, and use microblading eyebrow pencil which is long-lasting and waterproof, allowing you to get a natural makeup look. Moreover, they are easy to remove makeup, and the eyebrow gel can be easily removed by using makeup remover or cleansing oil.


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