Top 11 Tips for a Quick and Easy Makeup Routine

November 30,2021

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Christmas is coming implying that it getting colder and colder. It is too chilly to get up and all of us just want to lie on the bed a little more time. So perhaps you need a quick and easy makeup method to save time. Let’s dive in!


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In order to save time, we can eliminate some steps such as applying a facial mask and applying hand cream, etc. But we should prepare both skin care products and cosmetic products as well. Facial cleanser, sunscreen, serum and cream are the indispensable items belonging to skincare products while eyeshadow palette, liquid makeup, lipstick, eyebrow pencil are the essential items belonging to cosmetic products. By the way, you will also require some cosmetic tools such as an eyelash curler.


A Simple Morning Skincare Routine


Please keep in mind that make-up should be operated along with the skincare routine. Because the remaining cosmetic products on your face will become a burden which may make your skin condition worse. So you must make good skincare before make-up in the long run.


Step 1:

washing your face with a facial cleanser (if you are dry skin you can neglect this step since it is not good for dry skin people to wash the grease on their face ) 

Step 2:

applying with skin refresher lotion with patting your face

Step 3:

applying with serum and moisturizer or cream, depending on your skin condition.

Step 4:

applying sunscreen on your face. It is the most important step since we are exposed to sunshine everywhere and ultraviolet rays play an important role in aging our skin.


7 Steps For a Quick Make-Up Routine


While we haven’t enough time to do more we have listed the following seven steps for most tutorials.


Step 1: Prime


Start by priming the face. Using primer will help improve your makeup’s lasting power. You’ll need your makeup to stay throughout the day with little to no touch-ups necessary. It is an important step so you had better not eliminate it from the routine.


Step 2: Apply foundation


Applying with too much foundation on your face would be a terrible thing because you have no time to wash them out. So it is important for you to choose light to medium coverage as to not make your makeup appear too heavy and at the same time, you should apply the foundation with a small amount and more times.


Step 3: Apply concealer


This is a dispensable step because it totally depends on persons’ skin conditions but generally speaking, most people have some drawbacks on their faces especially in areas such as eyes, chin, corners of the lips, and the sides of the nose. You can highlight these areas with a concealer to achieve a bit of dimension on your face. And we recommend choosing concealer with a color lighter than your complexion.


Step 4: Apply setting powder


Now that your foundation and concealer are blended, set it with a setting powder. We highly recommend that you use setting powder right after foundation and concealer for long-wear.


Step 5: Fill in your brows


Drawing your eyebrows is one of the most important steps in the whole make-up. So don’t forget to paint your brows even if you’re in a hurry. So start by brushing the brows and then filling it in with your brow product of choice. It’s best to keep the eyebrows looking natural for a workday.


Step 6: Apply Eyeshadow Palette Private Label


If you are in a hurry you can apply eyeshadow to your fingers first and then apply them to your face. But if you are not a good master in drawing eyeshadow and are worried about too heavy shadow on your face you can apply them on your small tools such as cotton swabs. By the way, we are a professional cosmetic manufacturer and a variety of cosmetic products such as private label eyeshadow palette are available. If you are interested in high-quality cosmetic products with wholesale prices, please feel free to contact us.


Step 7:Apply lipstick


It is the last step and also an indispensable step for complete make-up. If you already can’t catch up with your bus, you can complete the last step on your company as long as you have carried a lipstick.


In conclusion


We have shown the simplified method of both skincare and make-up. Have you got it? By the way, if you have any needs please feel free to contact us.




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