Why All People See Eyebrow Pencil as a Magic Tool

November 18,2021

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Imagine a person without eyebrows, are they look pale (as the picture shows)? Yes, so, you know how important to own a nice eyebrow.


However, it always is eliminated by water or sweat, you look bad. Now, there are options for an eyebrow pencil that is waterproof and color-developing to avoid sweat and rain. It has a very gentle touch, long-lasting color development, and is waterproof, making the makeup more three-dimensional.


An eyebrow pencil has been widely used, the following perfectly explain why people can't do without it. Let's dive in.


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Why all people see eyebrow pencil as a magic tool

Eyebrows have a great influence on a person's temperament and mental state. A pair of beautiful eyebrows can change a person's appearance and aura.


Eyebrow pencils can not only be used to draw eyebrows to make the whole person better, but also have other uses. If your travel is not allowed to carry too much, just bring an eyebrow pencil. Because it can be used as:

  • Eyeliner
  • Highlights and shadows
  • When eyeshadow
  • Painting lying silkworm


Consequently, you will find that many bloggers can easily get an exquisite makeup look only using one makeup prop or two, and the likes and collections of such videos are very high. It shows that the blogger is skilled in makeup while leaving the cost of other cosmetics.


Here are some questions frequently asked, as the eyebrow pencil waterproof supplier and eyebrow pencil waterproof factory, we will answer for you.


How does the eyebrow pencil draw natural eyebrows?

First, start from the bottom edge and draw from the brow to the end of the brow, which is about a slight upward arc. You can try more different arcs to see which is suitable and use the thinnest line of 1mm for an accurate depiction. Still use a 1mm pen tip to draw the upper edge of the end of the eyebrow and the lower edge of the eyebrow.


Turn the pen tip 45°, and draw the upper part of the eyebrows with a 3mm line. The pen is lighter and the line is blurred.


Start coloring, fill at the end of the eyebrows with a 1mm line in the direction of the arrow.


Near the upper edge of the remaining brow, apply a few strokes with a 5mm wide surface, fill in a little, and make the color lighter and blurry. If the brows are unnaturally blurred, use the spiral brush that comes with the eyebrow pencil to faint them.


Finally, brush the eyebrow cream and it is done if you are proficient, it is very fast.


Is the waterproof eyebrow pencil not good at removing makeup?

Yes. For ordinary eyebrow pencils, we can use make-up remover, while eyebrow pencil waterproof needs to use a cleansing oil or water-oil separation. Because the waterproof eyebrow pencil is insoluble in water, only soluble in oil, use an oily makeup remover to remove it. If you don't have makeup remover, you can use a foam-type facial cleanser to clean it.


Eyebrow pencils generally have strong adhesion, but their color does not have a strong coloring effect, so most eyebrow pencils can be easily wiped off with a paper towel. If there is a certain residue after wiping with a paper towel, you can use it directly The facial cleanser can also be easily washed off.


Is a waterproof eyebrow pencil more expensive than an ordinary eyebrow pencil?

This is determined by brand and quality. If the same brand, the waterproof eyebrow pencil is more expensive than an ordinary eyebrow pencil.


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Is it necessary to buy expensive eyebrow pencils?

When buying cosmetics, you should choose according to your economic situation. Although they all say that you get what you pay for, there are also many good-priced cosmetics. Also, eyebrow pencils. Choose the expensive or cheap according to your needs. There are many differences between the ingredients of cheap eyebrow pencils and expensive eyebrow pencils, and there are also differences in texture and feel.


Does the waterproof eyebrow pencil have a shelf life?

The eyebrow pencil has a shelf life. The shelf life of eyebrow pencils is shorter than other cosmetics, so when you use them, pay attention to the use time of eyebrow pencils. If they exceed the shelf life, don't use them again. The shelf life of the eyebrow pencil is about one and a half years. If the eyebrow pencil has been opened, even if it is not used again after a period of use, it will need to be replaced after more than one and a half years.


Which eyebrow pencil waterproof supplier should I trust?

One Dollar also is an eyebrow pencil waterproof factory, has a professional team, and cooperated with lots of well-known people in this industry. Whether it is eye makeup products or other facial products, we provide customers with a variety of choices and professional advice, and we have established a long-term partnership.


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