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Many things need to be considered when determine the color of the eyeshadow, such as skin color, lipstick color, outfit match and etc. In a word, it is not easy to present a perfect look. In addition, there are many eye shadows to choose from in the market, which is dazzling. In this article, we will address hoe to choose the eyeshadow color according to your skin color, which is the most crucial.


A Small Note About Skin Undertones

No matter what skin color is, light, medium or dark, it has a certain hue or hue of hue of yellow, grayish white or pink. This hue is undertone. If your skin is blue or pink, your background color is "cool tone". On the other hand, if your skin has yellow, peach or gold tones, the background color of your skin is "warm color". People without cold or warm colors are called neutral colors.


When choosing Eyeshadow based on skin color, you can use palette with emphasis on background. Warm colors can choose warm colors of gold, orange and red to highlight the warmth of the skin. Cool colors can be paired with blue, green and purple to match the blue, purple and pink background in their skin. Neutral colors have unique privileges and can try warm and cold colors. When selecting the nude color palette, your skin color determines the color palette that best suits you.


How to Choose Proper Eyeshadow Colors For You

Light skin color of eye shadow

Light skin is suitable for eye shadow of any color, even if it is blue eye shadow, as long as the method is appropriate, still can be done. Among them, the eye shadow that fastens with pink is first selection. Delicate pink, can highlight the smooth and clean feeling of white fair skin more.


Medium color / wheaten skin eye shadow color

When healthy wheat color of skin chooses eye shadow color might as well exaggerate a few, golden brown, green, tangerine is the color that suits very much, won't let the makeup look of eye ministry show dirty.


Eye color of olive skin

People with olive skin tend to mix with a golden background, but a grayish brown tone can "cool" and warm. However, it is not entirely neutral. Olive skin color can try the gem tone in the cold tone, especially blue-green. Turquoise helps highlight the grayish white background without fading it.


Dark brown skin color of eye shadow

Most Asians have yellow skin tones, so choose eye shadow that matches your skin tone. Generally speaking, brown and orange are more appropriate colors, but remember not to choose pink and blue.


Dark skin color of eye shadow

Metallic and bright colors look great on dark skin, especially purple, turquoise and midnight blue. However, for women with cold color and darker skin color, they need to pay attention to the quality of pigment in order to make the color better. On the warmer side of the palette, experts recommend rose gold and coral.

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