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A good facial cleanser can help you clean pores, inhibit acne and blackhead. Bad or unsuitable facial cleanser may cause skin allergy and redness. These negative skin problems will appear. Many boys buy facial cleanser directly instead of their own skin, which is actually very problematic. Today I will teach you how to choose men's facial cleanser.


Find out the skin needs and determine the direction of skin needs.


It is generally believed that girls' skin is fragile. In fact, some girls have strong skin tolerance. Even if they stay up late and don't wash their face, they don't have any problems on their face.


The main functions of facial cleansers for women on the market are very comprehensive, either gentle cleaning, or whitening while washing your face. Even facial cleansers are diverse. When it comes to men's cleansing, it's big soap base, strong mint and frosted ball.


Although men's faces are different from women, such as large oil, thick cutin and thick pores, they also need to be treated gently.


Find out the type of cleanser and narrow the scope.


Whether it is cleansing gel / cream / mousse / powder, it can be divided according to surfactant:


Soap based surface active facial cleanser ingredients: myristic acid, lauric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc


Advantages: strong cleaning power, low cost and low price


Disadvantages: after washing, the skin is very dry, the cleaning force is too strong, damaging the oil film and damaging the skin barrier


Suitable for: occasional use by people with strong tolerance and thick cuticle.



Amino acid surface active facial cleanser ingredients: sodium lauroyl glutamine, sodium cocoyl glutamine, etc


Advantages: skin friendly, mild, pH neutral or weak acid, almost no stimulation


Disadvantages: the cleaning power is weak, some even have no foam, and the price is generally more expensive.


Suitable for: dry / mixed dry / sensitive muscle



Ammonia soap compound facial cleanser ingredients: soap based ingredients with amino ingredients


Advantages: develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, take into account the advantages of soap group and amino group, small irritation and good cleaning power


Disadvantages: the proportion of many complex cleansing ingredients is unscientific, and some are even false propaganda


Suitable for: oily / mixed partial oil / oil pox muscle



Find out the indicators of high-quality cleanser.


The requirements of most men on facial cleanser are:


Good cleaning power

Gentle enough

Reasonable composition

Good skin feeling

Good reputation

High cost performance


Purchase according to the previous factors and budget.


A lot of people may be interested in another tea tree essential oil of our company, so let's introduce it next.


Tea tree essential oil is extracted from the essence of tea tree. It is one of the few essential oils that can be directly applied to the skin. As tea tree essential oils are effective in removing acne and killing bacteria, the use of tea tree essential oil is also increasing. The essential oils of tea tree also make it the big coffee in the essential oil industry because of the following 6 main functions.


Acne removal


The most famous efficacy and function of tea tree essential oil is acne removal, because tea tree essential oil has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, and because the molecular volume of the essential oil is very small, it has very good penetration after being coated on the skin, so it can quickly enter the skin hair follicle, remove acne causing bacteria and repair damaged skin cells.


Promote wound healing


Tea tree essential oil has a good repair effect on trauma. If the wound is bleeding, take one or two drops of tea tree essential oil and apply it to the wound, which can effectively stop bleeding, eliminate wound inflammation, prevent bacterial infection and accelerate wound healing. If the skin is slightly scalded in a small area, tea tree essential oil can also be used after ice compress to reduce inflammation.


Sterilization and bacteriostasis


The bactericidal effect of tea tree essential oil has been well reflected in acne removal, but the bactericidal effect of tea tree essential oil can not only be applied to acne, but also purify the air and kill bacteria and viruses in the air. People with beriberi can also use tea tree essential oil to sterilize and remove beriberi. And it also has therapeutic effect on some skin diseases caused by bacteria, but this needs to be used under the guidance of doctors.


Convergence of pores


Tea tree essential oil can also converge pores, the specific method is to wash the face first, then dripping a few drops of tea tree essential oil in the steaming hot water, put the face on the top of the basin, and the pores will be opened by the heat of transpiration. The essence of the tea tree essential oil will penetrate the skin through the pores. After the water is cool, the steam will disappear, then the face will be cooled with cold water, and the pores will shrink.


Treatment of dandruff


Tea tree essential oil is also helpful for people who are prone to dandruff on the scalp. Whether using tea tree essential oil or shampoo added with tea tree essential oil can play a very good role in dandruff removal.


Treatment of diseases


Tea tree essential oil can treat or improve many diseases, such as cough, sore throat and gingivitis. You can gargle with warm boiled water dripping tea tree essential oil, which can kill bacteria and relieve pain, but remember not to swallow it; There are also people with fever and muscle soreness. Taking a hot bath with tea tree essential oil can help eliminate toxins from the body and relieve muscle soreness; Mix a few drops of tea tree essential oil and a drop of olive oil, then soak the cotton, put it into the ear and massage around the ear to treat otitis media.




If you are looking for a professional wholesale high quality Tea tree Essential oil supplier, manufacturer, factory.


We hope be your first choice, plz feel free to contact us.








Product Description

Whitening Wrinkle Facial Cream manufacturer supplier factory

Whitening Wrinkle Facial Cream manufacturer supplier factory

Whitening Wrinkle Facial Cream manufacturer supplier factory

Whitening Wrinkle Facial Cream manufacturer supplier factory

Whitening Wrinkle Facial Cream manufacturer supplier factory

Whitening Wrinkle Facial Cream manufacturer supplier factory

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