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For girls who often make up, cleaning makeup brushes is undoubtedly the most troublesome thing. Foundation brush is not cleaned in time is easy to breed bacteria, and these bacteria are directly acting on our skin. Failure to clean the lip brush in time will not only breed bacteria, but also affect the color of subsequent lip makeup. So how often should the makeup brush be washed?


  • It is recommended to clean the base makeup brush 1-2 times a week
  • Powdery product makeup brush is recommended to be cleaned once a month
  • Eye shadow brush depends on the situation and can be dry cleaned after each use

We will introduce two main cleaning methods of makeup brushes:

Dry cleaning

Suitable for dry powder makeup brushes

Dry cleaning is divided into two ways: loose powder cleaning or professional sponge cleaning. You can choose according to your own habits.


  • Sponge dry cleaning


Sponges are ideal for cleaning makeup brushes because they have dense holes. You can use the holes in the sponge to rub off the residual powder on the makeup brush. Moreover, this sponge can be recycled, and it can be reused after being cleaned and dried.


  • Loose powder dry cleaning method


Loose powder can not only be used to control oil base makeup, but also be used to wash makeup brushes! You can pour a proper amount of loose powder on a clean paper towel, and then brush the makeup brush back and forth a few times, and the brush will be clean.


Wet washing


When wet washing, we'd better use professional makeup brush cleaning liquid, and then match it with a small "washboard". Weak acid cleansing solution will not damage the bristle peak, and it can also protect the makeup bristles, making them soft and prolonging the service life.


  • Use wet paper towels to locally clean the makeup brush


Put the brush head of the makeup brush on the wet wipes and rub them constantly, because the lines of the wet wipes can easily suck down the makeup powder.


  • Local deep cleaning with cleaning solution


First, we need to pour the cleaning liquid into a small jar, then soak the brush first, then rub the hair of the brush head against the bottom of the jar, and finally wipe off the excess liquid with the paper towel.


  • Deep cleaning makeup brush


Sometimes local cleaning can't clean the makeup brush, so deep cleaning is necessary. We can use baby shower gel to rub the brush head back and forth, and finally rinse it with clear water. However, it should be noted that the movement is gentle and does not harm the bristles.

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