Make up Air Cushion Moisturizing Foundation Air-permeable Natural Brightening Makeup BB Cream

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Makeup palletes eyeshadow palette supplier


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Product Description

wholesale high quality Wrinkle Facial Cream supplier

wholesale high quality Wrinkle Facial Cream supplier

wholesale high quality Wrinkle Facial Cream supplier

wholesale high quality Wrinkle Facial Cream supplier


The Difference between BB cream and Face Cream


In order to apply makeup more natural, people usually use air cushion bb cream.


What is air cushion bb cream?

Air cushion BB cream is a sponge air cushion BB powder gel cream, a brand-new concept BB cream that focuses on letting the skin "breath". It can conceal flaws, adjust skin tone, hide pores, and create an airy nude makeup effect.

Analysis of the principle of air cushion: Air cushion cream simulates the honeycomb storage principle and locks the BB cream tightly in the sponge air cushion powder core with thousands of pores. The densely packed small holes we saw are not just for modeling, all the mysteries are in them.


Why BB Cream

1. Natural makeup

Cushion cream can better cover skin spots, acne marks and other blemishes, and can effectively hide pores, and its texture is very light and thin, so it looks very natural and suitable for flawless nude clothing.


2. Easy to apply makeup

The puff of cushion cream also hides mystery, it is not a normal sponge puff. It does not absorb powder, and when taking powder, the texture of the liquid foundation is kept light and thin, and the texture is tight, the elasticity is better, and the upper face has a good softening effect.


3. Can breathe

Generally speaking, the texture of air cushion BB cream is thinner than liquid foundation, and it can feel light and thin when applied on the face. The moisturizing texture it brings can make the skin drop by three degrees in an instant, cool and transparent, and breathe.


4. Easy to touch up

Ordinary BB creams are generally very troublesome to touch up makeup. They can only be touched up slightly with powder. Cushion BB creams are different. The design is very small and the touch ups are also very simple. The portable design allows you to apply makeup at any time.


The difference between BB cream and face cream

1. Function

BB is short for Blemish Balm, literally translated as an ointment that can repair wounds. It was originally developed as a product to cover postoperative marks and scars, so it has a very good concealing ability. It contains rich moisturizing ingredients and can adhere to the skin very well.


The main effect of face cream is to moisturize and moisturize. Some face creams will add some other substances to achieve anti-aging, spot-lightening and whitening effects.


2. Order of use

BB cream belongs to cosmetics and is generally used after the foundation step.


Face creams are skin care products and are generally used after toners or lotions.


Time flies, people is slowly aging. And we often use cosmetics, we need to follow a deep level of makeup remover. After that, we need to choose an anti-wrinkle cream for a final targeted maintenance. So can anti-wrinkle creams eliminate wrinkles or just prevent them?


Although the cream will not have the miraculous effect of completely eliminating wrinkles. Because wrinkles are caused by structural changes in the dermis of the skin. However, using creams can have some visual effects. Some creams can keep the skin full of moisture and brighten the complexion, while also stimulating cell regeneration. This is why many people buy it. Now get them at a favorable price from a

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 Makeup palletes eyeshadow palette supplier

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