Waterproof Styling Cream Gels Eyebrow long-lasting Brow Setting Cream

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Eyebrow pencil private label manufacturer,Eyebrow pencil waterproof manufacturer,Eyebrow pencil private label

Eyebrow pencil private label manufacturer,Eyebrow pencil waterproof manufacturer,Eyebrow pencil private label

Eyebrow pencil private label manufacturer,Eyebrow pencil waterproof manufacturer,Eyebrow pencil private label




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The importance of eyebrows is self-evident. The change of eyebrow shape changes your impression in the eyes of others every minute. The sword eyebrows are full of heroic spirit, the willow leaf eyebrows are tender and beautiful, the thick and flat eyebrows are simple and cute. In short, the eyebrow shapes are various, and each has their own love. As a waterproof styling cream gels eyebrow long-lasting brow setting cream manufacturer, let’s talk about if the eyebrow pencil is safe.


What material is the eyebrow pencil refill?


Eyebrow pencil refills are mainly composed of four major materials: oil, grease, wax and pigment. Common eyebrow pencil refills are mostly made of beeswax, paraffin wax, petrolatum, cocoa butter, carbon black pigment and other materials. A better eyebrow pencil refill will also add vitamin A, vitamin E and other ingredients to protect the skin, care for the pores, and make the eyebrows longer and thicker over time. The production process of the eyebrow pencil refill is through the technique of core injection, so that all the raw materials are pressure-injected into the refill, making it into a pencil shape. It can be seen that, generally, the eyebrow pencils with quality assurance are very safe cosmetic products, and there is no need to worry about toxicity. But it should be noted that avoid letting the refill of the eyebrow pencil touch the eyelids. Because the refill of the eyebrow pencil contains allergens, contact with the fragile skin parts of the face such as the eyelids may cause eye discomfort and even allergic contact dermatitis.


Why are eyebrow pencil refills safe?


  • No preservatives added: The composition of the eyebrow pencil does not contain water. Without water, bacteria cannot survive and multiply. This is very similar to soap. Because of the low water content in soap, there is no need to add preservatives.


  • No fragrance added: eyebrow pencil is just one of many makeup procedures. If every makeup procedure has a different flavor, it will be messy. Various scents are mixed together, but the four are not the same.


  • No added functional ingredients: such as whitening ingredients, anti-aging ingredients, antioxidant ingredients, plant extracts, etc. The skin of the eyebrows does not need these functional ingredients. After all, the skin of the eyebrows is covered by the eyebrows and does not need anti-aging. Because the above ingredients are not added to the eyebrow pencil, the peace of mind is relatively high.


What should I do if I am allergic to eyebrow pencils?


Eyebrow pencil allergy is also a very common thing in makeup. If it is a little allergy, there is no problem, and the body's system immune function will be adjusted by antibody shaping function, and then our body will get a certain degree of resistance. Over time, the response to this factor will no longer be effective. If our body is really allergic to eyebrow pencils, we can use other things instead of eyebrow pencils. For example, we can take out the core of the 8b pencil, then grind it into a powdery substance, and then dip a bit of ink in the kapok stick, and then color on our eyebrows, if you don’t like black, you can change the color with eyeshadow.



 Eyebrow pencil private label waterproof manufacturer

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