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Korean Collagen facial mask supplier factory manufacturer


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Korean Collagen facial mask supplier factory manufacturer

Korean Collagen facial mask supplier factory manufacturer

Korean Collagen facial mask supplier factory manufacturer

Korean Collagen facial mask supplier factory manufacturer

Korean Collagen facial mask supplier factory manufacturer





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Applying facial mask beauty is a very common way of skin care in people's daily life. The ordinary facial mask beauty is generally divided into cleaning category, moisturizing category and efficacy category, among which efficacy mask may also include partial cleaning and moisturizing effect. So, do you really know facial masks? Today we are deep into the world of facial mask together to find which facial mask is right for you.


Cleaning facial mask beauty


Clean mask can be divided into mud mask, tear mask, daub kind of frozen mask.


Mud mask contains a large proportion of soil. In the dry state, pressure is generated to absorb the tiny fat plugs in the skin. Therefore, when choosing the mask of mud film texture, we must pay attention to whether it has the effect of pulling out. Only when the mud film is properly pulled out, it has good adsorption power and cleaning power.


After applying the tear mask, the dry mask can form a peeling skin film, which can retain water and purify the skin by stripping the aging cuticle. It is suitable for neutral and oily skin, and the skin with thin or damaged cuticle is not suitable for use. In addition, it is not suitable for sensitive skin or acne skin.


Frozen mask generally refers to the jelly like mask, whose main ingredients are water, water-soluble polymer, moisturizer, etc. Some frozen mask will add alkaline substances or surfactant to soften cuticle and remove dirt.


To keep in mind that the cleaning mask is recommended to use only once a week. If it is used too frequently, it will make the skin more and more dry and cause horny damage and dandruff, which will reduce the moisturizing ability of the skin and make the skin oil more serious. You had better take a hot bath or apply a hot mask to soften the cuticle before applying cleaning mask. After applying a clean mask, you should also moisturize your face. In addition, any cleaning mask is difficult to achieve one-time removal of blackheads. Most cleansing masks work to remove oil, dander and some blackheads from the skin. Therefore, in order to achieve better cleaning effect, you need adhere to use it.


Moisturizing facial mask beauty


It could be mainly divided into sheet mask and applying mask which works to meet the skin's moisturizing needs. As the most commonly mask, sheet mask belongs to high osmotic pressure products. It takes a long time to stick on the face to achieve the effect of hydrating and moisturizing. At the same time, it is more likely to cause allergy than other products, so consumers should choose to use regular products.


Compared with ordinary facial mask, smear mask adds mineral oil and beeswax and other sealing ingredients, need to be cleaned when drying after smear, if there is still a sense of oil or discomfort after washing, you need to use facial cleanser to clean, followed by water.


To keep in mind that washing the remaining serum on your face otherwise the remaining serum would be clogged your skin pore which may trigger the risks of acne. Organic Facial Cleanser would be the best choice as it contains organic components which won’t hurt your skin.


Functional facial mask beauty


Function mask is designed for different skin problems, featured by good efficacy. It claims that it can improve various skin problems quickly, safely and effectively.


Function mask is mainly divided into repair, whitening, acne removal and anti-aging efficacy types. The repair components of function mask include sodium hyaluronic acid, ceramide; Whitening ingredients mainly include the pearl powder, yi, SymWhite 377 (phenethyl resorcinol), cherry extract, etc., acne removing components including salicylic acid, vitamin A acid, grape sugars, such as facial mask the biopin fight decline of hyaluronic acid, retinol, green tea, tea tree oil, etc.


Facing a wide variety of facial mask, consumers should fully understand themselves skin conditions and product characteristics, careful use of their own facial mask rather than choosing facial mask blindly.


 Korean Collagen facial mask supplier factory manufacturer

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