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high quality Eyebrow highlighter pencil
high quality Eyebrow highlighter pencil
high quality Eyebrow highlighter pencil
high quality Eyebrow highlighter pencil
high quality Eyebrow highlighter pencil
high quality Eyebrow highlighter pencil

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Eyebrow is important and essential to people, but many girls don’t know how to take car of it. Today, as a private label eyebrow styling cream 3d eyebrow soap manufacturer, we will summarize it and hope to give you some reference.


How to choose the color of eyebrow highlighter pencil?


  1. Choose eyebrow pencilsaccording to hair color


Generally speaking, eyebrow pencils are divided into two colors: black and brown. When choosing eyebrow pencils, it is more suitable to choose the color lighter than your own hair, so as to make the traces of artificial trimming less obvious.


Therefore, even if the hair is dark brown, avoid using black eyebrow pencils. For girls with black hair and dark eyes, dark brown, light black or dark gray eyebrow pencils are suitable. You must pay special attention to the nuances of these colors.


  1. Choose eyebrow pencils according to facial skin tone


Girls whose facial skin color is more healthy or wheatish should avoid using eyebrow pencil colors that are too prominent, or they look too unsuitable. Therefore, it is better to use darker eyebrow pencils for this type of skin tone. And if the skin tone is warm, there are not too many restrictions on the choice of eyebrow pencil color.


  1. Choose eyebrow pencilaccording to makeup style


The choice of eyebrow pencil color also depends on the makeup style. If it is a general daily style makeup, then we can choose some lighter eyebrow pencils; if it is a thicker makeup, darker color eyebrow pencils are suitable.


In addition, when you need to pay attention, when you choose the eyebrow pencil, you should pay attention to the length of the pen barrel.


How to use eyebrow highlighter pencil?


Eyebrow pencil is an indispensable tool for shaping eyebrows, but for some novices in beauty makeup, choosing eyebrow pencils is a difficult task. If you want to draw your eyebrows three-dimensionally and stylishly, some preparation is essential, then how do you use the eyebrow pencil?


The steps to use eyebrow highlighter pencil


Firstly, first determine the approximate location of the eyebrow peak: at the location of the eyebrow peak, use an eyebrow pencil to lightly draw a "ヘ" shape as a mark. It is fine to draw lightly around what you think is the peak of the eyebrow, and the position should not be very precise.


Secondly, draw little by little from the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow: draw the outer line along the direction from the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, and gently move the eyebrow pencil little by little from the inside to the outside. It is easier to draw with a little rewritten short line compared to a one-stroke drawing.


Thirdly, link the upper edge line and draw the middle part: start from 1cm from the brow to the position just marked, and connect the upper edge line of the eyebrow. Treat the eyebrows as if they were skin, and paint with a slightly stronger brushstroke to adjust the shape of the eyebrows.


Fourthly, lightly smear the brow part towards the bridge of the nose: the color of the brow should be light and thin, and draw along the direction towards the bridge of the nose. Hold the eyebrow pencil lightly to make the drawing effect more natural. People with heavy eyebrows can leave it alone.


Fifthly, use the eyebrow brush to smudge the outer edge line. Use the eyebrow brush to slide the upper edge of the eyebrows along the direction from the brow, the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, gently, do not use too much force, otherwise the edge of the line will disappear completely.


Sixthly, blend the color of the eyebrow pencil with the color of the eyebrows.


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