Tea Tree Remove Acne Repair Treatment Solution Fading Acne Marks Repair Acne Pits Oil Control Serum
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wholesale high quality Rose multi-use oil supplier,manufacturer,factory


Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world. Inhaling it or absorbing it through the skin sends signals to the limbic system, the area of the brain responsible for mood and memory. Doing so can cause physiological effects, including decreases in blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, and increases in "feel-good" hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. And today we are going to introduce the way to use rose multi-use oil.


To use it directly


This kind of use is very simple, directly dip in a small amount of rose essential oil to wipe it in the place you want, for example, want to dispel acne, besmear in the place where there is acne, acne imprint besmear in the place where there is acne imprint. A smell of rose oil can also refresh you, but this method doesn't fully achieve the benefits of rose oil.


To be mixed with other skin care products


To add a little rose essential oil to your skin care routine for better results. For example, add one drop of rose essential oil to 10 grams of cream/lotion/toner and mix well. Apply just enough on your face every night. There is also a drop of rose essential oil in the mask, which can improve the acne and acne marks on the face.


To add into your massage cream


To massage the face with rose essential oil is very effective for beauty and whitening. Add 5 drops of rose essential oil to 10ml base oil, dilute and mix, and use for facial massage for about 15 minutes. This can effectively improve skin firmness, balance oil and promote cell regeneration.


To add into your body lotion


Massage the body with rose essential oil not only improves the skin condition of the whole body, but also relieves muscle pain and rheumatoid arthritis. This method also requires 10ml of base oil, plus four drops of rosemary essential oil, followed by six drops of rose essential oil, diluted and mixed. A full-body massage will definitely refresh your body.


To work as aromatherapy


Rose essential oil is used as a fragrance, usually on the pillow drop 2 drops of rose essential oil is a good way to improve sleep, smell the aroma to sleep, can relieve nerves, calm the mood of be agitated, effective treatment the symptom such as insomnia and poor sleep quality, serious insomnia can give it a try, it's much better than to take medicine.


What are the functions of tea tree essential oil?


It can prevent dandruff since tea tree essential oil can relieve redness, swelling and itching due to its antibacterial and soothing effect and natural permeability. Because general ointment often adds steroid, bad to the body, so daub tea tree essential oil is better.


Tea tree essential oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, and can quickly penetrate into hair follicles for conditioning. Apply 1-2 drops of tea tree essential oil at one time on acne area, and use a small amount for several times.






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