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    Dinosaur Eggs
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The warmest thing in winter is to take a bath. It can not only promote blood circulation, but also relax your body and mind. If you think the bath is too monotonous, you can also put a bath ball in the water. The bath ball melts when it meets the water, and will dye the bath water into colorful colors to create a dreamy visual effect. Its fragrance also makes people relaxed and happy. Most importantly, the essential oil in the bath ball can also moisturize our skin and alleviate the problem of dry skin in winter.


Take a bath


Put water of appropriate temperature into the bathtub, and then put a bath ball into it. After the bath ball dissolves, you can start to take a comfortable bath and relax. Generally, there is no need to wash after bathing (for some bath balls with more pigment, it is recommended to wash the body after use), and wipe them dry with a bath towel. During bathing, due to the opening of pores, the skin can fully absorb the nutrients in the bath ball, form a protective film on the skin surface, help the skin lock moisture, keep the skin soft and tender while moisturizing, and no other skin care products can be used after bathing.


Travel Essentials


When traveling, you must bring some bath balls, especially the girls who don't have a bathtub at home. Don't miss the opportunity to take a warm fragrance bath in a warm hotel! After a day's play, take a nice bath to wash away the fatigue of the day's journey and make the romantic journey more perfect.


Local maintenance


Girls who don't have a bathtub at home should not be depressed. We can divide the bath ball into small pieces and put it in the hot tub to easily enjoy hand and foot spa care. Hands and feet are the body parts that work the most every day. There are many important body acupoints on the soles of feet. Using a bath ball to bubble hands and feet can promote blood circulation and moisturize hands and feet skin.


Our company also has another very popular product. Let's introduce it.


Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from mature coconut meat. In the tropics, it is the main source of fat in people's diet. Coconut oil has many uses in food manufacturing, medicine and industry. Moreover, coconut oil is very stable to heat and is suitable for high-temperature cooking, such as frying cooking. Due to the thermal stability of coconut oil, it has the characteristics of slow oxidation and anti rancidity.


Benefits of coconut oil


Coconut oil is so popular because it contains more than 45% lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids. Different from the long-chain fatty acids common in most vegetable oils, medium chain fatty acids help brain activity, are easy to absorb by the human body, and fat is not easy to accumulate. They can directly enter the liver, convert into body energy and burn rapidly in the body. Lauric acid has the effect of increasing resistance, which is also very good.


Because of this, many Hollywood actresses highly advocate the "coconut oil beauty method" to achieve the purpose of weight loss and healthy diet.


Use of coconut oil


  • Coconut oil makeup remover


In theory, coconut oil is good for removing makeup! Because it is very moisturizing and can remove make-up, if you want to try, it is recommended to use organic virgin coconut oil to prevent the skin from absorbing excess harmful irritants / impurities.


  • Coconut oil hair care


Coconut oil hair care is the most common maintenance method! Directly used as a hair mask, hair will become soft, shiny, stronger and healthier! Especially recently, autumn and winter are coming. If your hair is particularly dry and prone to static electricity, you can try this method to nourish your hair.


Warm tip: if your scalp is oily, or in tropical or muggy and humid climate areas, coconut oil hair care should be carefully considered. It may be too sticky and difficult to clean, making the scalp unable to breathe... It's better to buy Coconut oil hair care products on the market directly.


  • Coconut oil lip guard


Coconut oil lip protection is really powerful! 1 teaspoon brown sugar + 1 teaspoon Honey + 1 teaspoon coconut oil stir together to complete the simple lip scrub DIY. It can remove the excess dead skin on the lips and nourish the lip skin.


  • Coconut oil body care


As long as the application area is not too long, the skin care range of coconut oil should be used reasonably. The same is true of body care and maintenance! After taking a bath, when the body is slightly wet and hot, apply coconut oil to absorb nourishment, which will be more thorough and less greasy.


In addition, coconut oil is also suitable as massage oil. It is also very suitable for massaging the body, buttocks and legs, moisturizing elbows and knees, or matching with scraping stick to massage thighs and calves.




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wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory
wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory
wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory
wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory
wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory
wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory
wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory
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wholesale high quality Coconut Oil supplier,manufacturer,factory



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