Essential Oil

Essential oils are scented liquids extracted or distilled from flowers, leaves, wood, and other plant sources and other animals and plants.  Essential oils are not oils like linseed oil or petroleum, in the sense that they are not real oils. Clove oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and rosemary oil are sometimes used in oil-based paints, polishes, and cleaners.


Coconut Rosemary Rose multi-use oil

MULTI-USE OIL: This natural, multi-tasking oil further promotes skin health and may also be used for hands, body, face, hair, and nails. An organic blend of oils delivers firming, smoothing, and brightening that support skin's natural cell metabolism and revitalize from beneath the skin's surface. Improving the appearance of uneven skin tones, dry and aging skin. Our long-lasting formula is safe and gentle enough for all skin types.