How To Draw In Your Eyebrows And Avoid Mistakes

November 27,2021

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Eyebrows are very important for everyone. A little change could make you look totally different. However, becoming a good master of drawing brows is a big challenge for most people. Today we are going to show you some common mistakes occurred on the process of shaping your brows and the way to operate correctly. Keep in mind that drawing eyebrows is not only waxing, plucking and threading. To style your eyebrows is also a crucial step by using a pencil or an eyebrow styling cream.


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Too long


Too long eyebrows is the most common mistake for make up novices. The tail of your eyebrows extending too far into the temple area of your face will make you look like in low spirit. Because this shape eyebrows will shape a dropping effect.


How to draw it correctly?


When filling in the eyebrow, line your pencil from the point where the nostril meets the bridge of the nose, to the outside of your eye-- where this intersects with your brow is where it should finish, so make use of light, downy strokes to rip off the look of genuine hairs.


Too short


This is more than likely an age thing rather than a fault of your own. But when you draw your brows you had better not paint your eyebrows according to the length of your real brows. Too short brows will make your face look a little strange.


How to shape it correctly?


Filling your brows in with a fibre gel is the easiest option. This adheres to the skin and the hair and will give you a natural, volumised finish. To measure where the eyebrow should end, take a make-up brush, hold it against the corner of the nose and at the angle of the end of the eye, this is where the brow should end, so lengthen to there with the gel.


Your arch is all over the place


Both too far forward and too far back arch can make your entire face look strange. You want your brows to start, arch and end in the right place as your eyebrows frame your face and make a big difference to your overall look.


How to draw your eyebrows correctly?


It is crucial to paint brow mapping.


First, mark the point with a brow pencil or powder. For the arch, hold the brush at the corner of the nose and angle it through the centre of the eye, This is where your brow should arch. If it arches in the right place, your eyes look wider and bigger. Mark the point.


And for the end, go from the corner of the nose and angle to the outer corner of the eye. If your brow ends in the right place your cheekbones will look lifted. Mark here.


Then join the marks together using your fave brow product. Remember to do eyebrows like stokes where possible to create a natural looking brow-then remove the marks. You will now have the most perfect shaped brows for your face shape.


In conclusion


As the saying goes that it is the first step that costs troublesome. As long as you practice more times you will become a good master in drawing brows. By the way we are professional high quality Eyebrow styling cream supplier, and if you have any need please feel free to contact us.


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