Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses in Winter

November 23,2022

Do a good job of protection in foggy, dusty and windy weather. Wearing sunglasses and masks is one of the effective methods.


How do I Wash Makeup Puffs?

November 17,2022

Although the surface of the makeup puff we use when making up looks clean, it will breed a lot of bacteria after a long time of use.


Advantages of Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse

October 18,2022

Amino acid facial cleansing mousse is a kind of facial cleanser. Today we will discuss its advantages. Keep reading!


Do You have the Habit of Cleaning the Makeup Brush Regularly?

October 17,2022

Compared with making up by hand, the makeup brush is more conducive to making up, and at the same time, the makeup feeling is more refined.


What You must Know about Liquid Eyebrow Pencil

September 26,2022

A liquid eyebrow pencil is one of the most popular tools for thrush. Until recently, its audience has been a little wider.


Difference Between Foam Toothpaste and Ordinary Toothpaste

September 09,2022

With foam toothpaste, we can brush our teeth anytime and anywhere, whenever we want to brush our teeth, and a cup of warm water can do it.


Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses on Snowy Days

August 24,2022

For driving, wearing sunglasses is not just about blocking out the harsh sunlight, it is directly related to driving safety.


What Are the Materials of Makeup Brushes

August 10,2022

Most makeup brushes are made of animal hair, but there is also a small part of artificial fiber hair. The suitable one is best one.


Is Eyeliner Bad for the Eyes

July 27,2022

The main ingredients of eyeliner are titanium oxide, liquid paraffin talc, hemioleate, zinc laurate, preservatives, coloring pigments, fragrance and so on. Regular eyeliner is harmful to the eyes, and it is a reason that more frequent makeup will damage the skin. In addition to long-term use of eyeliner, it will have a certain impact on the skin around the eyes. When used improperly, it will also damage the eyes.


Can I Still Use After Eyeshadow Expired

July 13,2022

If the eye shadow has expired, it cannot be used continuously. If the eye shadow expires, it means that it has begun to deteriorate. Continuing to use the deteriorated things, especially in the very fragile parts of the eyes, may cause adverse effects on the skin.