Why is Teeth Claning so Important?

November 26,2021

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Healthy and white teeth are always eye-catching. However, dental health problems have become a major problem that plagues the health of modern people. How to clean teeth correctly and effectively is the key to ensuring healthy teeth. Today in this blog post, you will know the importance of teeth cleaning and the methods to clean yourself better.


Why is Teeth Cleaning so Important?


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In terms of dental hygiene, many people underestimate the importance of regular brushing and maintaining healthy gums. The fact is that taking good care of your teeth can help keep your entire body functioning more efficiently and reduce the risk of many diseases. Most importantly, healthy teeth mean a more elegant appearance.


  • First of all, tooth cleaning can prevent gum disease.


When there is a lot of plaque and bacteria in your mouth, unhealthy gums can form. People who didn't pay much attention to tooth cleaning at the beginning end up with gingivitis. Gum disease can cause other health problems. However, if you brush your teeth frequently, you won't have these troubles.


  • Second, better tooth cleaning can protect your heart.


Studies have shown that the accumulation of plaque causes harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which affects the heart's ability to pump efficiently. In addition, inflammation of the gums affects blood flow and forces the heart to work harder than usual.


  • Third, regular tooth cleaning can prevent abscesses.


Swelling, ulcers, and bad breath are just some of the many symptoms of tooth abscess. They can make teeth very sensitive. Ignoring a tooth abscess may result in the final removal of the tooth or root canal. But if you clean your teeth well, you will avoid these dental inflammations.


  • Finally, a good tooth cleaning can effectively prevent bad breath.


When bacteria accumulate, they will be accompanied by many negative things. One of them is the unpleasant smell from your mouth. If your mouth smells bad, you need to reflect on whether you have done a good job of oral cleaning.


I believe that by seeing this, you have fully realized the importance of teeth cleaning. Next, I will tell you some ways to clean your teeth.


Four Methods for Cleaning Teeth 


1️⃣ Brush your teeth in the morning and evening


Brushing your teeth can remove dental plaque, soft dirt, and food residues, maintain oral hygiene and maintain the health of teeth and periodontal tissues.


However, after you brush your teeth to remove plaque for a few hours, plaque can reattach to the clean tooth surface and continue to form. Especially after you fall asleep at night, the oral cavity has a poor self-cleaning effect, and bacteria are more likely to grow. Therefore, brush your teeth at least twice a day, and it is more important to brush your teeth at night before going to bed.


When you brush your teeth, combined with a tongue brush to clean the back of the tongue can significantly improve oral odor. Rinsing after meals can remove food residues in the mouth and keep teeth clean. Chewing sugar-free gum can also stimulate saliva production, which will help freshen your breath and clean your teeth.


2️⃣ Choose and use the tooth cleaner liquid correctly


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Mouthwash with water can remove food residues in the oral cavity, but its cleaning power is weak and not enough to remove dental plaque. Some tooth cleaner liquids currently on the market are added with certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, which can help control dental plaque and maintain dental health. For example, the tooth cleaner liquid can prevent infection and promote wound healing.


3️⃣ Choose toothpaste according to the needs of oral health


Toothpaste is a kind of preparation that assists in brushing teeth, which can enhance the friction of brushing teeth, help remove food debris, soft scale, and dental plaque, which helps to eliminate or reduce oral odor and freshen breath.


Some toothpaste is added with other active ingredients, such as fluoride, antibacterial drugs, tartar control, and anti-sensitivity chemicals. They have the effects of preventing caries, reducing dental plaque, inhibiting the formation of tartar, and resisting tooth sensitivity.


Fluoride toothpaste has an obvious anti-caries effect, and its wide application worldwide is one of the main reasons for the substantial decrease in the incidence of caries. Using fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth is a safe and effective anti-caries measure, especially suitable for children and the elderly who are prone to caries.


4️⃣ Go to the hospital to get your teeth cleaned once a year


Dental plaque, food residue, and soft scale adhere to the surface of the tooth, combined with the minerals in the saliva, and gradually calcify to form tartar. Dental calculus causes bad irritation to the gums and is conducive to the adhesion of new dental plaque. It is a contributing factor to periodontal disease.


Self-health care methods can only remove dental plaque, not calculus. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the hospital regularly for dental cleaning by a dentist.


In a word, teeth cleaning is important to the tissue and organ of the human body, so we should always pay attention to oral hygiene and clean teeth. When you clean your teeth by yourself, in addition to using toothpaste, you can also use cleaning floss or tooth cleaner liquid. We are the tooth cleaner liquid manufacturer. Any interests, welcome to contact us.




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