Foundation Makeup Base Liquid Cover Concealer Stick Longlasting Makeup Skin Care Foundation

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People often invest more money in cosmetics in order to obtain fine and long-lasting makeup. Makeup Base, Liquid Cover Concealer Stick, Skin Care Foundation are all very important


The premise of fine makeup

No blemishes and clean face. Concealer makeup plays a big role here. a wholesale high quality Concealer makeup supplier,manufacturer,factory said, this series of products sells very well, you can imagine the importance of concealer makeup.


Knowing types of concealer makeup

  • The commonly used BB cream (not air cushion), I think it can be used in a wide range. If the spots on your face are few and light, you can choose this cosmetic. It can not only cover blemishes, but also act as a foundation.
  • Regardless of whether the cc cream is an air cushion or a normal type, basically, I feel that the concealer effect is not too great, but it feels very clear and natural, suitable for nude makeup.
  • Foundation. The covering power of liquid foundation is not very strong, and it is similar to BB cream, and the makeup is not as simple as BB cream.
  • Concealer, concealer can be used after applying foundation, for some spots with a lot of spots, for example, the sides of the nose, you can focus on applying.


The correct order of concealer

  • After basic skin care, apply an oil-controlling and moisturizing makeup primer;
  • First apply a thin layer of liquid foundation on the face, using a pat technique;
  • Then apply a second layer of liquid foundation to the area that needs to be covered, and continue to tap and press to achieve a medium concealer effect;
  • Apply orange concealer on dark circles, dark concealer on acne and spots, and lighter concealer on tear grooves, nasolabial folds, bridge of nose and forehead to brighten up;
  • Use a sponge or concealer brush to push away the concealer. It is best to use loose powder to set the makeup, so that it is not easy to take off the makeup.


Eye concealer skills

If your tear groove is severe

Choose a concealer that is one size darker than the "skin tone" or "just the skin tone" for concealment, and draw a stroke along the line of the tear groove. Also pay attention to the range of opening, not too close to the root of the lower lashes, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. Then lightly cover the under eyes with the foundation powder, and then use the matte loose powder to set the makeup.


If you have big bags under your eyes

The skin of the bags under the eyes is very tender and thin. In addition, the bags under the eyes are a bulge on the surface of the skin, which is easy to show highlights naturally. It is not recommended to directly brighten the bags under the eyes. We can add essential oils or a little essence to the concealer, tap it under the eyes with the temperature of the fingertips to make it fit. Remember to use pressure, don't push, and start applying it on the most serious part of your melanin precipitation.


If you have dark circles concealer

Dark circles concealer first correct the color, then choose concealer products, choose a color slightly darker than your own skin tone. First, use a moist orange eye concealer (the more moist the texture is, the better) to neutralize the dark circles and skin color difference, and then apply a thin layer of concealer. The advantage of using these two steps is that it can reduce the amount of subsequent cream concealer, and it is more natural than using heavy cream concealer alone. The concealer area for dark circles is not half-crescent, but is applied in an inverted triangle. First draw the inverted triangle, and then fill in a small amount in the area, and then gently blend it with your hand or a brush, so that it fits the skin, corrects chromatic aberrations, and covers the dullness.


These can help you a lot when using eye concealer. 


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