Private Label Snail Face wash Deep Cleansing Gentle Coconut Facial Cleanser

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wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier

wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier


ItemSkin care series
Sample Time3-7 work days
Service24h online, fast delivery
Delivery TimeAbout 7-15 days after deposit comfirmed

Product Description

wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier

wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier

wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier

wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier

wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier




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Winter is coming, as for delicate friends, it is time to apply lotion body! But there are so many sorts of high quality lotion body with different functions and ingredients on the market, how do we choose?  


Classification of high quality lotion body 


Lotion body can be divided into three main categories according to its functions: moisturizing lotion body, whitening lotion body and removing chicken skin lotion body.


Moisturizing body lotion


Moisturizing body creams generally contain moisturizers, emollients and sealants.




It helps the skin to transfer the moisture in the dermis and air to the epidermis, prevent the epidermis from being too dry, and maintain the moisture and protection of the skin surface.


The ingredients of moisturizers include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, urea, sodium PCA, sodium lactate, panthenol, etc.




Emollients can lock and moisturize the skin by filling the gaps in the skin's surface, making the skin smoother and softer.


Ingredients of emollients include various plant-extracted oils, such as shea butter (prunusAmygdalusdulcis oil), cocoa butter, mineral oil, and sinian oil (butyrospermumparkii butter).




Sealants help seal moisture and nutrients in the bottom layer of the skin by forming a protective wall on the top layer of the skin to prevent water loss.


The ingredients of sealants include mineral fat, lanolin, squalane, dimethicone and so on.


Whitening body lotion


Common ingredients include nicotinamide (vitamin B3), vitamin C and its derivatives, arbutin, thrombin, etc.


Nicotinamide is no stranger to everyone. It can be called the king of the whitening world. It has the functions of whitening spots, brightening skin, anti-aging, hydrating and moisturizing, and repairing barriers. Nicotinamide can reduce skin dullness and brighten skin tone by inhibiting keratinocyte shedding of melanin to achieve whitening effect. Meanwhile, it can accelerate cell metabolism, contribute to the synthesis of collagen and keratin, and achieve the purpose of anti-aging.


Vitamin C and its derivative produce reduction reaction through making melanin, reduce melanin into colorless state, thereby achieve the purpose of whitening.


Arbutin inhibits the activity of tyrosinase in the body and prevents the generation of melanin, thus reducing skin pigment deposition, removing spots and freckles, as well as sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects.


Thrombin acid has antioxidant effect on skin, and can prevent melanin accumulation, improve pigment deposition, fade spots, whiten skin, and it also has the effect of clotting hemostasis and anti-cancer.


Removing chicken skin lotion body


Using body lotion containing acid substance is the most effective way to remove chicken skin.


Common ingredients in skinless body milk include various acids such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, azelaic acid and retinic acid. Among them, the fruit acid acts directly to peel off the waste cutin, make the skin cutin metabolism, but also inhibit the formation of melanin.


What’s snail face wash deep cleansing gentle coconut facial cleanser?


It refers to a kind of facial cleanser with snail essential serum and natural addition of coconut.

The main function of this facial cleanser is repair skin. And besides that it has the ability to heal scar and removing acne which suits for everyone.


 wholesale skin whitening body lotion supplier


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