How to Eliminate Eye Fatigue by Concealer Stick

December 01,2021

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Eyes are the top part of delicate makeup, and bright eyes can hide tiredness. Except for bling-bling eyeshadow and curled eyelashes, the area under the eyes is the top priority. You will look fatigued if you have these serious issues under your eyes.


Eye bags, dark circles, and tear grooves are risk factors, but a useful tool helps remove them. This magical tool is the concealer pen. It is easy to pick and own, but this does not mean that you can eliminate these exhausting risk factors.


Obviously, the correct technique is very important. Without further ado, let's go directly to the topic.


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Judgment: Dark circles or tear grooves


Dark circles

Dark circles are generally caused by excessively slow blood flow in the blood vessels of the eye skin, insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues, and excessive accumulation of metabolic waste in the blood vessels, which cannot be eliminated, resulting in pigmentation of the eyes, that is, blackening of the skin around the eyes. Blue.


If you look at the eye from the side, you will find that the protruding part is the eye bag.


Tear groove

Tear groove refers to a groove that starts from the inner corner of the eye, mainly on the nasal side of the lower eyelid. If it is not filled during concealment, letting it swell, it will make the appearance full of fatigue and even become old.


Correct concealer tips-small amount and many times

To create a clean base makeup, it is necessary to control the amount of foundation, especially for girls with serious eye problems. This is very significant, and it will be more effective in combination with brushes and finger makeup. If the amount of concealer is too much, it will only make your base makeup and overall makeup feel very thick, and the fine lines around the eyes will be more likely to show up after concealing.


Steps to remove tiredness from eyes

STEP 1: Choose a contrasting concealer

According to the color of your dark circles, choose the concealer of the corresponding color. Which of the following are you?


  • Cyan dark circles: orange concealer (peach color)
  • Purple dark circles: yellow concealer
  • Brown dark circles: reddish-greenish ocher; blueish-orange ocher
  • Red dark circles: green concealer


People from Asia use yellow-toned concealers for eye bags since Asians have a yellowish skin tone. Yellow-toned concealer products can blend into their skin tone and effectively cover red spots or dark circles.


Then, pat on the makeup with your hands. If the novice doesn't know how much the amount she needs, it is recommended that the contrast concealer in this step can be mixed with the peach concealer so that it will not cause too much contrast concealer to cover the situation.


STEP 2: Overlay concealer that suits your skin tone

After fainting the first layer of concealer, the second step is to superimpose the concealer that suits your skin tone~ Note: Use the concealer brush to apply makeup, the way to apply the makeup is the same as the above-mentioned pat, so as not to move the first layer of concealer as much as possible; Do not cover the place where the silkworm is lying so that it will not cause unnatural concealing, and it will be less likely to stick to powder and dry lines.


STEP 3: Brightening the tear groove (IMPORTANT)

I have bags under the eyes, dark circles, and tear ditch, which seems to be innate and bothers me so much. Try this step, it is very effective, the correct use of this step can produce the illusion of their disappearance. Sweep the matte finish on the tear groove. The matte finish is more natural than the pearl shine, and it can also brighten the sunken tear groove visually. Pro tip: use a small smudge brush to get a white and ivory matte surface. Brighten the color, and then gently sweep the tear groove.


Specific steps to conceal the tear ditch

  1. After finishing the makeup, use the concealer stick to conceal the tear ditch.

In this way, you can see the range of concealer more accurately. In the color selection, it is recommended to choose a warm light concealer. You can use yellow to pink or coral tones for concealer. The texture is mainly moisturized cream, not only Modifies the grooves, has a brightening effect, and can also help dark circles concealer look more clean and transparent.


  1. Draw along the lines of the eye bags along the tear groove, and smudge upwards

First, draw the concealer directly on the striped road with the deepest tear ditch under the eyes, and just lightly draw one, but don't draw it to the part of the silkworm, which will affect the eye makeup.


Use a flat concealer brush to blend the concealer "up", and slowly tap it until it fills the entire tear ditch eye bag. This step will have a clear brightening effect. One layer, add a second layer if any needs. 


Lastly, be sure to set the makeup around the eye area to make the concealer effect longer.


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When to use concealer

For dark circles, it is recommended to conceal before the base makeup. Choose skin tone concealer to modify the uniform color effect. For tears, it is recommended to conceal the blemish after makeup. Only a warm tone and moist texture concealer can fill the grooves!



If your old method has not solved your eye problems yet, try this method when you make up tomorrow, which will help you eliminate eye fatigue and make people feel that you are energetic. Would you try this way to make your makeup look better?


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